Symone Abbott Pro Volleyball Career Highlights and Achievements

Symone Abbott is a significant figure in professional volleyball. She is known for her time with Grand Rapids Rise in the Pro Volleyball Federation. Abbott also had a commendable collegiate career at Northwestern University. Her time at Northwestern was marked by a high kill count and impressive stats. These set the stage for her professional career, showing her potential as a formidable athlete on the court.

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Symone Abbott Grand Rapids Rise

Post graduation, Abbott pursued volleyball at the professional level. She brought her talents to various international teams before returning to the United States. Her professional journey includes stints in many countries, honing her skills and contributing significantly to each team she joined. Symone’s robust playing style as an outside hitter has garnered attention not just for her individual accolades but also for the strength she brings to her teams.

Key Takeaways

  • Symone Abbott is a notable professional volleyball player with a strong collegiate background.
  • She has played internationally before joining Grand Rapids Rise, showing versatility and commitment.
  • Abbott’s skills as an outside hitter have been recognized through various awards and her substantial impact on the court.

Symone Abbott’s Collegiate Career at Northwestern

Symone Abbott volleyball

Symone Abbott’s tenure at Northwestern University was marked by impressive milestones within the Big Ten Conference and a record of consistent performance that earned her national recognition.

Achievements in the Big Ten

During her time at Northwestern, Abbott was a standout athlete within the Big Ten conference. She was honored as a First Team All-Big Ten selection, a testament to her excellence on the court.

Statistical Highlights

Abbott’s statistics tell the story of a dominant collegiate volleyball career:

  • Total Kills: 1,613
  • Hitting Percentage: .210
  • Attacks per Set: 10.72 (leading the Big Ten her senior year)

Her senior year performance also included an average of four kills per set, ranking her third in the Big Ten, and she was fourth in points per set with 4.49. These achievements contributed to her recognition as an AVCA All-American Honorable Mention and a selection to the AVCA All-Region First Team. Her collegiate career not only set records at Northwestern but also established her as one of the premier players in collegiate volleyball.

Transition to Professional Volleyball

Symone Abbott’s shift from collegiate to professional volleyball has been marked by consistent performance and global experience. Upon completion of an impressive tenure at Northwestern University—highlighted by a stellar senior year—Abbott took her talents overseas.

Professional Experience:

  • France
  • Turkey
  • Greece
  • Puerto Rico

In Europe, she forged a formidable identity on the court. Abbott’s time in Italy with CBF Balducci HR Macerata for the 2022-23 season is evidence of her adaptability to the demanding nature of professional leagues.

Her return to the U.S. saw Abbott joining the Grand Rapids Rise—a team in the burgeoning Pro Volleyball Federation. This transition demonstrated her keen ability to integrate past experiences into a leadership role in new settings. With the Grand Rapids Rise, Abbott continues to contribute tangibly, amassing kills and showcasing her defensive prowess.


  • CBF Balducci HR Macerata (2022-23)
  • Grand Rapids Rise (Pro Volleyball Federation)

Abbot’s journey through the ranks of professional indoor volleyball is exemplary of persistence and skill. Each team and country added a layer to her skill set, culminating in a robust professional profile recognized across the volleyball community.

Professional Teams and Achievements

Symone Abbott has demonstrated her prowess on the volleyball court across various professional teams and international leagues, amassing a series of significant achievements in her career.

European Clubs

After her collegiate career at Northwestern University, Abbott ventured into the professional volleyball scene in Europe. Symone Abbott honed her skills further by playing for clubs in Italy, Turkey, and Greece, countries renowned for their competitive volleyball leagues.

Athletes Unlimited

In the United States, Abbott competed in Athletes Unlimited, a league that offers a unique player-focused model. Here, her remarkable athleticism and on-court achievements have shone as she played alongside and against other top-tier volleyball talent. Her experience in Athletes Unlimited has not only highlighted her individual skill but also her ability to adapt and excel in different competitive environments.

Playing Style and Position

Symone Abbott has established herself as a formidable outside hitter, bringing a mix of precision and power to the court. Her playing style is characterized by aggressive attacks and consistent kills, which have been a significant part of her teams’ offensive strategies.

Outside Hitter Impact

As an outside hitter, Abbott’s role extends beyond just scoring points. She is also pivotal in blocks and first-line defense, carrying the dual responsibility of suppressing opponent attacks while also being a reliable option for counter-attacks. Abbott’s impact in this role is substantial, consistently challenging the defensive schemes of her adversaries.

Offensive Skills

Abbott’s offensive capabilities are impressive, showcased by her history of attacks per set. Not only does she execute a high volume of attacks, but her skill set is diversified, including a range of shots from powerful cross-court spikes to strategic tips over the net. Her kills are not just a testament to her offensive prowess but also to her understanding of how to read the opposing defense and exploit its weaknesses.

Key Stats and Performance Metrics

During her illustrious career at Northwestern University, Symone Abbott secured a total of 1,613 kills with a notable average of approximately 4 kills per set. Reflecting on her hitting efficiency, Abbott maintained a hitting percentage of .210, which is indicative of her consistent performance on the court.

Her attacking prowess is further highlighted by her extraordinary 10.72 attacks per set in her senior year, underscoring her offensive capabilities. Abbott’s contributions to her team were substantial, averaging 4.49 points per set.

Abbot’s defense also shone through her digs, an essential component of her all-around gameplay, contributing significantly to the overall dynamics of her team’s defense strategy. This helped to build a solid foundation for counterattacks.

Abbott’s stats not only demonstrate her skills as a volleyball player but also establish her as an integral part of any team she joins. Her time spent with teams across Italy, France, Turkey, Greece, and Puerto Rico has been marked by the same level of tenacity and skill as her college career, showcasing her adaptability and growth in international play.

Her freshman year set the pace for a career that continued to garner accolades, including an AVCA All-American Honorable Mention and First Team All-Region recognition, pointing to a trajectory of success for this exceptional outside hitter.

Awards and Recognition

Symone Abbott has garnered recognition throughout her volleyball career, from impressive collegiate accolades to significant professional milestones highlighting her exceptional skills as an outside hitter.

College Honors

During her time at Northwestern University, Abbott’s performance on the court led to considerable recognition in collegiate volleyball. Notably, she was:

  • AVCA All-American Honorable Mention in 2017
  • Selected for the AVCA All-Region First Team

In addition, she was a standout player in the Big Ten Conference, showcased by her leading the conference with 10.72 attacks per set and ranking third with an average of four kills per set in her senior year.

Professional Distinctions

After college, Abbott continued to excel professionally, including her time playing for Athletes Unlimited. Her achievements include:

  • Being recognized as one of the Best Outside Hitters in the Pro Volleyball Federation.
  • Years of successful play in international leagues across Italy, France, Turkey, Greece, and Puerto Rico.

Early Life and Education of Symone Abbott

Symone Abbott grew up with a strong inclination towards sports that would steadily shape her future.

Born and raised in Northville, Michigan, Abbott’s athleticism was evident at an early stage. Her enthusiasm for volleyball burgeoned as she refined her skills through consistent practice and competitions at a young age.

Abbott’s high school career was not only highlighted by impressive performances on the court but also by her academic endeavors.

After graduating, she took her talents both academically and athletically to Northwestern University.

During her tenure at the university, she pursued a degree in Communication Studies, honing skills that would assist her in maneuvering through the professional realm on and off the court.

At Northwestern UniversityHighlights
DegreeBachelor’s in Communication Studies
SportsVolleyball Team Member
Performance1,613 kills; a hitting percentage of .210

While at Northwestern, Abbott’s volleyball career flourished.

She completed her college stint with exceptional statistics, totaling 1,613 kills and a hitting percentage of .210, a testament to her hard work and dedication to the sport.

Moreover, she emerged as an athletic powerhouse in the Big Ten Conference, notably leading the league in attack attempts per set her senior year.

Abbott’s transformation from a youthful enthusiast to a mature collegiate athlete at Northwestern was marked by significant milestones and achievements that would lay the foundation for her professional volleyball career.

Her education in Communication Studies complemented her athletic development, equipping her with a wide array of skills to excel both on and off the court.

Off-Court Activities

While Symone Abbott shines as a pro volleyball player, her impact extends beyond the game.

She is committed to using her platform for philanthropy and advocacy, bolstering community involvement and encouraging representation in sports.


Symone Abbott dedicates significant time to philanthropic efforts, particularly in avenues related to sports and youth empowerment.

Her efforts often focus on promoting access to sports for underprivileged children, a cause for which she uses her background in Communications Studies to effectively engage stakeholders and raise awareness.

Advocacy and Representation

With a passion for Community Involvement, Abbott is vocal about the importance of representation within professional sports.

She advocates for greater diversity and inclusivity in volleyball, emphasizing the power of sports as a unifying force.

Through her platform, Abbott encourages young athletes to pursue their dreams while also fostering a more welcoming environment within the athletic community.

By actively engaging with her followers on Instagram, Abbott shares her off-court activities, inspiring her audience and furthering her advocacy work.

Lessons and Inspirations

In the realm of professional volleyball, Symone Abbott’s career stands as a testament to the power of mentorship and the drive of aspiring athletes.

Mentors and Influences

Symone Abbott’s ascent in professional volleyball can be credited in part to key figures such as Cathy George, who recognized Abbott’s potential and determination.

George’s belief in Abbott’s abilities contributed significantly to her development both on and off the court, shaping her into the standout player she is today.

These influences underscore the importance of mentors in professional sports, where guidance and support are invaluable.

Aspiring Athletes

For those looking to follow in Abbott’s footsteps, her career provides a blueprint for success.

Starting with her collegiate achievements at Northwestern University, Abbott showed exceptional talent which carried her into a robust professional career.

The outside hitter’s journey through various international leagues, including stints in Italy and France, exhibits the tenacity required of athletes striving to compete at the highest levels.

Her experience serves as an inspiration for aspiring players who dream of reaching similar pinnacles in their athletic careers.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section addresses common inquiries regarding Symone Abbott’s professional volleyball career, including her playing history, notable achievements, and training practices.

What teams has Symone Abbott played for in her professional volleyball career?

Symone Abbott has played for several international clubs.

Most recently, she was part of CBF Balducci HR Macerata in Italy and has prior experience in France, Turkey, Greece, and Puerto Rico.

In the United States, she joined the Grand Rapids Rise in the Pro Volleyball Federation.

What are Symone Abbott’s most notable achievements in professional volleyball?

During her time with Northwestern University, Abbott earned a reputation as a formidable outside hitter, accumulating 1,613 kills.

She was named a 2017 AVCA All-American Honorable Mention and received AVCA All-Region First Team honors.

Her professional career has been marked by consistent performance across various international leagues.

How has Symone Abbott’s performance influenced her team’s strategy and success?

Symone Abbott’s powerful attacking skills have made her a key player in her team’s offensive strategy.

With her substantial contribution in kills and points per set, Abbott has been central to her team’s on-court strategies and overall success.

What training regimen does Symone Abbott follow to maintain her athletic performance?

While specific details of Abbott’s training regimen are not publicly disclosed, professional volleyball players like her typically engage in a rigorous combination of strength, agility, and skills training to maintain peak performance levels.

At which collegiate institution did Symone Abbott play volleyball before turning pro?

Symone Abbott played collegiate volleyball at Northwestern University from 2014-2017, where she stood out for her exceptional on-court performances.

How has Symone Abbott’s role on the team evolved over the course of her career?

Over the years, Symone Abbott has developed from a new collegiate talent to a professional athlete with extensive international experience.

Her role has evolved to include leadership on the court and mentorship of newer players. She leverages her expertise to guide her team’s strategic approach to the game.

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