San Diego Mojo Roster Unveiled: Meet the 2024 Line-up

The San Diego Mojo have quickly established themselves as a competitive force within the Pro Volleyball Federation. As a professional volleyball team based in San Diego, they’ve captured the interest of fans with their energetic performances in their inaugural season.

The roster boasts a diverse group of athletes, each bringing a unique skill set to the court that’s reflective of the team’s strategic play and collective resilience.

san diego mojo roster

Complementing the players, the experienced management and coaching staff of the San Diego Mojo have been pivotal in shaping the team’s identity and fostering player development. Behind every successful serve, block, and spike, there are countless hours of rigorous training and practice, a testament to the team’s dedication to excellence.

As the season progresses, the Mojo’s performance continues to be a topic of interest, gauging both the support of the fandom and the team’s standing among league competitors.

Key Takeaways

  • The San Diego Mojo is a prominent contender in the Pro Volleyball Federation.
  • Their roster and staff have been central to their promising start in the league.
  • Training rigor and strategic gameplay contribute to their competitive edge.

Team Overview

The San Diego Mojo is a vibrant addition to the Pro Volleyball Federation, encapsulating the spirit of San Diego with their dynamic presence. Making their mark in the league’s inaugural season, they represent a significant development in American professional volleyball.

Background and Foundation

The San Diego Mojo joined the Pro Volleyball Federation as one of its seven charter members. This professional women’s volleyball team was launched to compete in the 2024 inaugural season, marking a significant step for the sport in America. Beach volleyball legend Kerri Walsh Jennings is noted as the owner, bringing her competitive legacy to the foundations of the team.

The team’s colors and logo reflect the vibrant and coastal essence of San Diego. The Mojo’s palette includes navy blue, yellow, and light blue, symbolizing the city’s maritime history and sunny skies. The logo, an embodiment of the team’s spirit, features an osprey to represent strength and resilience.

Home Stadium and Facilities

Viejas Arena, located on the San Diego State University campus, serves as the home stadium for the San Diego Mojo’s home matches. This modern facility is a central hub for sports in San Diego, providing a venue that reflects the excitement and professionalism of the Mojo and the Pro Volleyball Federation.

Management and Coaching Staff

The San Diego Mojo’s management and coaching staff bring extensive experience and expertise to the Pro Volleyball Federation. Their commitment to excellence is exemplified by a leadership team composed of decorated professionals in the sport.

Head Coach Profile

Tayyiba Haneef-Park, a three-time Olympian, serves as the head coach for the San Diego Mojo. With her remarkable record and expertise, she embodies the team’s dedication to fostering a high-caliber competitive environment. Her leadership is a cornerstone in the team’s strategy to excel in the league.

Coaching Staff Team

The coaching staff team is anchored by Deitre Collins-Parker, recognized for her contributions both as an Olympian and as an experienced coach. She brings a wealth of knowledge to the position of assistant coach. The staff also includes Billy Johnson, who is presumed to bring his own set of skills and experience to the team. This diverse coaching staff works collaboratively to empower the San Diego Mojo athletes, ensuring that the team’s performance is both strategic and dynamic.


The San Diego Mojo is comprised of a formidable roster that includes an array of decorated athletes and dynamic individuals essential for the season’s ambitions.

Star Players

The San Diego Mojo‘s roster boasts internationally acclaimed stars such as Nootsara Tomkom, a sublime setter known for her precise playmaking abilities, and Kerri Walsh Jennings, a legendary beach volleyball player transitioning to the indoor game. They also have Kendra Dahlke, an explosive outside hitter, bringing a unique blend of power and finesse to the team.

Season Signings

New signings for the season include promising athletes like Karson Bacon, a middle blocker known for her remarkable defensive skills, and Temi Thomas-Ailara, who provides a substantial threat from the wing-spiker position. Veterans like Tayyiba Haneef-Park lend their experience, helping to shape the team’s competitive edge.

  • Middle Blockers:
    • Karson Bacon
  • Wing-Spikers:
    • Temi Thomas-Ailara

Embedding seasoned players with promising newcomers, the team’s composition is strategically designed to emphasize both strength and balance. The osprey, a symbol of the team, reflects their aspirational vision – embodying agility, power, and the determination to excel.

Season Performance

The San Diego Mojo’s inaugural season in the Pro Volleyball Federation has been highlighted by consistent performances and strategic plays that have established them as a formidable team.

Match Highlights

  • Home Opener Victory: The Mojo triumphed in their first-ever home opener at Viejas Arena, setting a high bar for the season.
  • Victory Over Atlanta: A pivotal win against the Atlanta team demonstrated their competitive edge and potential for leading the league.

Key Moments and Milestones

  • Inaugural Game: They played their first professional game, marking a significant milestone in the team’s history.
  • Broadcast Agreement: San Diego Mojo’s April road match against the Columbus Fury was televised, thanks to a new broadcast agreement with CBS Sports Network, expanding their audience and adding to their season’s achievements.

Training and Practices

The San Diego Mojo’s success on the court is a direct result of the rigorous training regimens and state-of-the-art practice facilities they employ. Ensuring the athletes are in peak physical condition and accurately execute plays, the training and practices orchestrated by the coaching staff are critical to the team’s performance.

Training Regimens

The San Diego Mojo roster comprises athletes who adhere to a structured workout routine that balances strength, agility, and skill work. Training regimens are tailored to each player’s needs and positional demands.

  • General Conditioning: A mix of cardiovascular exercises to improve endurance.
  • Strength Training: Utilizes both weightlifting and resistance training to enhance power.
  • Skill Drills: Focus on volleyball-specific skills such as serving, spiking, and setting.
  • Recovery: A combination of rest days, physical therapy, and activities like yoga to prevent injuries and ensure athletes remain game-ready.

Practice Facilities

The athletes and coaching staff benefit from San Diego State’s top-tier facilities, which include:

  • Main Stadium: An extensive indoor court setup where team practices and scrimmages occur.
  • Gym: Equipped with a wide array of exercise equipment for strength and conditioning workouts.
  • Rehabilitation Center: Dedicated space for injury prevention and recovery with the latest therapeutic technologies.

Support and Fandom

The fan base of the San Diego Mojo shows its support through robust ticket sales and merchandise purchases, with Viejas Arena serving as the hub for both match day experiences and community engagement.

Ticket Sales and Merchandise

Viejas Arena, home to the San Diego Mojo, has seen a steady increase in ticket sales as the new season progresses. Supporters can purchase tickets through the team’s official website, ensuring they don’t miss a single serve or spike. The arena’s capacity allows for a vibrant atmosphere that fans contribute to significantly on game days.

The merchandise has also become a symbol of pride within the community, with official team apparel available both online and at the arena’s dedicated store. From replica jerseys to unique accessories, fans display their allegiance to the Mojo with gear that encapsulates the spirit and colors of the team.

Fans Engagement

The San Diego Mojo regularly engages with their fans, not just during the season, but throughout the year. Social media campaigns and fan events are designed to foster a deep connection with the community. They include meet-and-greets with players, volleyball clinics, and pre-game festivities, all of which contribute to a robust fan experience.

League Competitors

The San Diego Mojo competes in the Pro Volleyball Federation. The league has seven foundational teams, each bringing a unique regional flair and competitive edge.

Atlanta Vibe

The Atlanta Vibe hails from Georgia. Their roster is known for its athleticism and strategic plays, challenging the San Diego Mojo in their head-to-head matches. Hosting games at their home venue, Atlanta Vibe Arena, they are a formidable opponent with a strong local following.

Grand Rapids Rise

Based in Michigan, the Grand Rapids Rise is among the teams striving for dominance in the league. Their tenacity on the court and devoted fan base in Grand Rapids make them a noteworthy adversary for the San Diego Mojo. The Rise’s commitment to the sport is evident in their robust training and community engagement.

Additional Competitors

The Pro Volleyball Federation is composed of several key teams beyond just the aforementioned. This includes, but is not limited to, franchises based in Orlando and Las Vegas. Each team within the seven brings a distinct playing style and strategic approach to the federation, ensuring an exciting and unpredictable season for the San Diego Mojo and their fans.

Player Development

The San Diego Mojo roster is a vibrant mix of established athletes and rising stars. The team’s player development strategy focuses heavily on nurturing upcoming talent through strategic partnerships with renowned universities and a detailed scouting program.

University Partnerships

The San Diego Mojo team has cultivated strong relationships with noted athletic programs like the University of Oregon and the University of Arizona. These partnerships serve as a robust pipeline that introduces skilled athletes into the professional realm. Players from both universities have been scouted by the San Diego Mojo for their exceptional prowess on the volleyball court. Scholarships and volleyball programs at these universities help shape athletes who are well-prepared for the rigors of professional play.

Future Talent

San Diego Mojo’s commitment to player development extends to identifying future talent at various levels. They also work with local San Diego State alumni and athletes from the lesser-known but competitive Bonsall region. Their scouting strategies are proactive, targeting athletes who display exceptional skill, strength, and game intelligence.

Upcoming athletes are evaluated on their performance, potential, and how their skills fit within the team’s dynamic. This thorough approach ensures that the San Diego Mojo’s roster remains competitive and that young athletes have a clear pathway to professional volleyball.

Frequently Asked Questions

The San Diego Mojo is a professional volleyball team with a presence in the Pro Volleyball Federation, showcasing a roster of skilled players and a dedicated coaching team.

Who are the current players on the San Diego Mojo roster?

The San Diego Mojo roster consists of a diverse group of volleyball athletes, each bringing unique skills to the team. The current roster details which players are representing San Diego in the current season.

What venue is home to the San Diego Mojo games?

Home games for the San Diego Mojo are played at a venue designed to provide fans with a thrilling experience, accommodating the cheers and energy volleyball enthusiasts bring to each match.

What year was the San Diego Mojo team established?

The San Diego Mojo was established as a franchise in 2023, marking its entry into the Pro Volleyball Federation during its inaugural season.

Who is the head coach for the San Diego Mojo?

Former Olympic silver medallist Tayyiba Haneef-Park leads the San Diego Mojo as the head coach, bringing her expertise and extensive experience to the team’s development.

What are the official team colors of the San Diego Mojo?

The official team colors for the San Diego Mojo are emblematic of the team’s spirit and are displayed proudly on their uniforms and merchandise.

How many championships has the San Diego Mojo won?

The San Diego Mojo is a new team in the Pro Volleyball Federation. They are currently pursuing their first championship title.