San Diego Mojo Roster: Unveiling the Ultimate Lineup for the Season

The San Diego Mojo is a burgeoning name in the world of professional indoor volleyball. They represent the city of San Diego, California, in the Pro Volleyball Federation.

The team showcases players who bring a mixture of experience from collegiate, national, and international levels. Their participation marks an exciting development in the sports landscape of San Diego, providing a fresh and engaging sportive spectacle for fans and aspiring athletes in the region.

san diego mojo roster

With deep roots in the community, the San Diego Mojo also emphasizes outreach and involvement, extending their impact beyond the court. They encapsulate the spirit of competition and teamwork, aiming to leave a lasting impression on the league and its followers.

By fostering local engagement and addressing common inquiries, the team strengthens its relationship with supporters and enriches the local sports culture.

Key Takeaways

  • The San Diego Mojo enhances the Pro Volleyball Federation with a diverse and proficient roster.
  • Their active role in the San Diego community extends the team’s influence beyond the arena.
  • Accessible outreach initiatives answer prevalent queries and bolster fan engagement.

Current Roster

The San Diego Mojo roster boasts a lineup of seasoned professionals and promising talents. This ensemble represents a blend of experience, agility, and power across various positions on the court.

August Raskie

In the competitive world of professional volleyball, August Raskie stands out as a prominent setter who has made a significant mark with the San Diego Mojo. Her journey in the Pro Volleyball Federation represents a story of both passion and skill converging at the highest level of the sport.

Shara Marie Venegas Medina “Shara Medina”

Shara Medina fills the role of libero. She has a powerful defensive presence and a height of 5’7″, which allows her rapid movements and stability.

Kendra Dahlke

Kendra Dahlke, an outside hitter standing 6’0″, is known for her impactful spikes and versatile attacks from the flanks.

Kylie Cole

Entry about Kylie Cole is not included in available data.

Ronika Stone

Born on June 7, 1998, in San Jose, Ronika Stone was raised in an athletic family as one of five siblings. Her father, Ron Stone, is a 13-year NFL veteran with three Pro Bowl selections to his name. Pursuing sports seemed inevitable, and Ronika made her mark early on. She attended Valley Christian High School where she garnered significant recognition. Notably, she earned the title of Mercury News Player of the Year and WCAL Player of the Year. Additionally, Ronika showed diversity in athletics by participating in basketball and track alongside volleyball.

Grace Loberg

Hailing from Geneva, IL, Loberg was not just an ordinary athlete; she was born into volleyball, the daughter of Colleen Loberg, who was a formidable middle blocker for the Indiana Hoosiers from 1988-91. Grace’s early exposure to the sport laid a solid foundation for her future success.

Hannah Tapp

At 6’2″, Tapp brings her experience from Stewartville, MN and a stellar college career at the University of Minnesota where she received accolades such as being named to the All-America First Team and the All-Big Ten First Team. Her college journey included advancing to the Final Four twice.

Alison Bastianelli

A native of Marysville, Michigan, Bastianelli’s volleyball journey began at the University of Illinois. She left a lasting legacy as one of the program’s most decorated players. With a prolific collegiate career that included accolades such as multiple AVCA All-America selections and the prestigious Big Ten Medal of Honor, she set a trailblazing path for future athletes in the sport.

Valeria Papa

Valeria Papa’s journey in volleyball began in her hometown of Genova. Her tall stature of 6′2″ served as an advantage on the court from a young age, allowing her to excel in the sport rapidly. She honed her skills and developed a deep understanding of the game, which paved the way for her ascent in the competitive volleyball arena.

Nootsara Tomkom

Nootsara Tomkom brings an international flair to the setting position. She is known for her precise ball handling and quick decision-making.

Lindsey Vander Weide

In her time with the University of Oregon Ducks, Vander Weide achieved a milestone making her the fifth player in the program to amass over 1,000 kills and 1,000 digs. Her consistent performance led her to finish fourth in university history with a total of 1,687 career points.

Lindsay Stalzer

Entry about Lindsay Stalzer is not included in available data.

Temi Thomas-Ailara

Temi Thomas-Ailara attended Marian Catholic High School where she amassed an impressive 780 kills, demonstrating her prowess on the volleyball court from an early age. She was not only a potent offensive player but also contributed 107 aces and 387 digs defensively, marking her as a versatile and formidable athlete. Her extraordinary performance earned her the title of a 2018 first-team Under Armour All-American.

Nomaris Velez-Agosto

Nomaris Vélez Agosto is a standout libero in the world of professional volleyball—a testament to her unwavering dedication and athleticism on the court. Standing at 5’4″, she has carved out a formidable career as a defensive specialist. She is currently showcasing her talents with the San Diego Mojo.

Morgan Lewis

Lewis’s journey to professional volleyball has been built on a solid foundation that began in high school, where she was an Under Armor Second-Team All-American and named among the Top 25 Recruits in 2019. Accumulating over 1000 career kills at La Costa Canyon High School, she has proven herself as a force on the court. Off the court, her accomplishments are similarly impressive. She served as a Student Athlete Advisory Committee representative and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations, all the while being fluent in American Sign Language, underlining her multifaceted talents and determination.

Karson Bacon

Karson Bacon’s journey in volleyball began in Rancho Cucamonga, California, where she attended high school and made a significant impact in the Baseline League. Her selection to the University of Oregon’s volleyball team was a testament to her high school accomplishments and foretold her future success in the Pac-12 Conference.

Willow Johnson

Willow Johnson was born in Arizona to a family with a remarkable sports legacy. Her father, Randy Johnson, is a notable figure known for his illustrious career in Major League Baseball (MLB). As a Baseball Player, Randy Johnson made a significant impact on the sport, and it appears that his athletic gifts were passed on to his daughter.

The San Diego Mojo roster is diverse, with each player contributing to the team’s overall dynamic and potential for success in the league.

Team Overview

The San Diego Mojo stands as a proud member of the Pro Volleyball Federation (PVF), embodying the spirit of the sport with a dedication to confidence, sportmanship, and community engagement.

Within this section, you will discover the fundamentals that define the Mojo—from the team’s historic inception to the colors they don for every match.

History and Inauguration

The San Diego Mojo embarked on their journey in the world of professional volleyball with the dawn of the PVF’s inaugural season. The decision to include San Diego as part of the Pro Volleyball Federation was announced to the public, marking a significant milestone for the sport in the community.

Mission and Values

The team’s mission goes beyond winning matches. It’s about instilling confidence and knowledge in the game, while promoting community involvement and sportmanship.

The Mojo is built upon a foundation of values that resonate with both the sport of volleyball and the city of San Diego.

Adorned in light blue, navy blue, and yellow, the San Diego Mojo’s colors and logo are a visual embodiment of the city’s vibrant culture and its natural coastal environment. The logo serves as a beacon of their identity in the PVF.

Home Arena

The Viejas Arena, located on the campus of San Diego State, provides a home for the Mojo’s home matches. This venue supports the team and offers fans a dynamic location to witness the pinnacle of professional volleyball in action.


At the helm of the San Diego Mojo is head coach Deitre Collins-Parker. Her leadership and seasoned coaching staff are integral to the team’s strategy and success on the court. Their combined experience is invaluable to fostering talent and achieving excellence within the league.

Season Highlights

The San Diego Mojo’s inaugural season in the Pro Volleyball Federation underscores their competitive spirit and resilience. Reflecting on their season’s trajectory, highlighted moments range from their home opener to the critical matches that shaped their standings in the league.

Season Schedule

The San Diego Mojo embarked on their journey with a season schedule packed with thrilling confrontations. Their home opener set the tone for the entire season, as fans flocked to witness their entry into the professional arena.

The full list of their matches can be seen on the Pro Volleyball Federation’s website, providing an insight into the challenges and opportunities they faced.

Match Summaries

Each match in the season was a testament to the team’s determination. Scorelines often reflected the tight-knit level of competition in the federation.

Key matches showcased tense moments, with the Mojo displaying tactical prowess and individual excellence on the court. For details on match highlights and scores, visit their official match summaries collection.

League Standings

As the season progressed, the league standings provided a snapshot of where the San Diego Mojo ranked amongst its peers in the Pro Volleyball Federation. Their tenacity in matches was evident, but the league’s competitiveness did not allow for any easy strides towards the top.

The current standings reflect their place and underscore the constant pursuit of excellence that defines the league and the sport.

Community and Outreach

The San Diego Mojo team actively engages with their community, focusing on fostering a love for volleyball among youth through dedicated programs. Their commitment reflects in their targeted outreach efforts, providing an opportunity for young enthusiasts to learn from professionals.

Youth Programs

The San Diego Mojo has taken significant strides in engaging the younger generation with volleyball through their Youth Programs.

They offer a range of initiatives aimed at educating and training young athletes, emphasizing the importance of sportsmanship and teamwork.

These programs are specifically designed to introduce the fundamentals of volleyball to the youth of San Diego in a structured environment. It includes skills clinics, summer camps, and opportunities to interact with professional players.

The Clinics provide a platform for children to hone their skills, while the Camps combine training with fun activities to instill a lifelong passion for the sport.

Additionally, the outreach extends to schools in the local community. The team organizes volleyball introductions and tournaments that not only spark interest but also aim to develop a healthy, active lifestyle among the students.

Through these concerted efforts, the San Diego Mojo establishes a strong bond with the community, encouraging young individuals to pursue volleyball either recreationally or professionally.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, readers will find accurate and updated information about the players, their positions, statistic sources, roster announcements, training facilities, and the impact of trades on the San Diego Mojo volleyball team.

Who are the current players in the San Diego Mojo roster?

The current San Diego Mojo roster features a diverse group of volleyball players, each bringing their unique skills and experience to the team.

What position does each player on the San Diego Mojo team occupy?

Each player on the team occupies a crucial role, from setters and hitters to liberos and middle blockers, ensuring a well-rounded and dynamic team composition.

How can I find historical player statistics for the San Diego Mojo?

Historical player statistics can be accessed through databases and resources dedicated to professional volleyball, offering insights into the players’ past performances.

When were the latest roster updates announced for the San Diego Mojo?

The latest updates to the roster were announced prior to the start of the season, reflecting the most current lineup and any new player acquisitions.

What training facilities do the San Diego Mojo players use?

San Diego Mojo players utilize state-of-the-art training facilities designed to enhance their performance and prepare them for competition.

How have the recent trades affected the San Diego Mojo roster?

Recent trades have strategically shaped the San Diego Mojo roster. The aim is to bolster the team’s strength and address any gaps in the lineup.

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