Omaha Supernovas Roster Unveiled: Meet the 2024 Stars

The Omaha Supernovas have quickly established themselves as a formidable presence in the world of professional volleyball. As a new entrant to the Pro Volleyball Federation, the Supernovas have assembled a dynamic team, hailed from various colleges, to represent Omaha in this competitive league.

omaha supernovas roster

With the 2024 season underway, the Omaha Supernovas’ roster has been a topic of interest for fans and critics alike. The finalized lineup, consisting of a blend of experienced players and fresh talent, is geared up to make an impressive debut. Their collective skill, strategy, and the energized fan base are poised to bring an exciting volleyball experience to the city of Omaha. This emphasizes the team’s potential to achieve notable season highlights and contribute significantly to industry growth.

Key Takeaways

  • The Omaha Supernovas’ entry into professional volleyball has garnered attention for their robust roster.
  • Their blend of veteran players and newcomers sets up the team for a promising season.
  • Engaged fans and strategic gameplay are central to the organization’s outlook.

Team Overview

The Omaha Supernovas roster, with players' names and numbers, displayed on a digital screen in a crowded stadium

The Omaha Supernovas are swiftly emerging as a formidable presence in the Pro Volleyball Federation, with a focus on overcoming barriers and achieving top-tier success.

Omaha Supernovas History

The Omaha Supernovas established their neck of the woods in Nebraska’s vibrant team market, taking pride as one of the seven charter members of the Pro Volleyball Federation. They launched their inaugural season in 2024, setting the foundations to build a lasting volleyball legacy in Omaha and beyond.

Omaha Supernovas Vision

With aspirations soaring high, the Supernovas aim to not only compete but to secure their place at the Professional Volleyball Federation Championship. The co-founders’ vision extends beyond the court; they’re committed to breaking down barriers and shaping an inclusive space for the aspiring athletes in Minnesota, Nebraska, and other team markets.

Supernovas Home Venue

The team calls the CHI Health Center their home—a state-of-the-art venue in Omaha, Nebraska. This modern coliseum is not just a host for high-octane volleyball matches but is the cradle for the Supernovas’ dreams to expand their dominion in the sphere of professional volleyball.

2024 Roster

The Omaha Supernovas have meticulously assembled their team for the 2024 season, showcasing a blend of veteran leaders and rising stars in key positions.



  • Sydney Hilley: Commanding the court with precision setting skills.
  • Natalia Valentín-Anderson: Brings experience and strategic playmaking.


  • Kendall White: Renowned for her agility and defensive expertise.
  • Gabby Thompson: Offers consistent play and quick reflexes.

Middle Blockers:

  • Danielle Hart: A formidable presence at the net with blocking prowess.
  • Emma Willis: Known for her quick middle attacks.

Opposite Hitters:

  • Tori Dixon: A powerful hitter with a commanding offensive presence.
  • Nia Kai Reed: Provides the team with explosive energy and strength.

Outside Hitters:

  • Bethania de la Cruz: Dominant on the wing with fierce spikes.
  • Brooke Nuneviller: Rounds out the roster with her all-around skills.

Additional Players:

  • Gina Mancuso-Prososki
  • Hristina Vuchkova
  • Paige Briggs
  • Allison Mayfield
  • Yossiana Pressley
  • Maggie Cartwright
  • Lindsey Vander Weide
  • Maggie King
  • Sophie Davis
  • Sophia Davis

Coaching Staff

Head Coach:

  • Shelton Collier: A wealth of experience and strategic acumen.

Assistant Coaches:

  • John Corbelli: Focused on skill development and player performance.
  • Rick Squires: Specializes in defensive strategies and analysis.
  • John Xie: Brings innovative training techniques to the team.

Performance Analysts:

  • Scott Kneifl
  • Chris
  • Danny
  • Jason

The coaching staff is dedicated to refining the talents of the Omaha Supernovas and guiding the team to new heights in the professional volleyball sphere.

Season Highlights

The Omaha Supernovas’ journey through the season was marked by rigorous preparation, strong performances, and a relentless pursuit of the championship title.

Preseason Activities

In May, the Supernovas kicked off their season with an intensive training camp, setting the stage for a strong preseason showing. The team appeared prominently in the preseason poll, reflecting the high expectations placed on them by fans and experts alike. Their commitment to excellence was apparent, with several players being nominated to the preseason all-league team, a testament to their skill and potential.

Regular Season Performance

Throughout the Pro Volleyball Federation matches, the Supernovas demonstrated consistency and strength, becoming a team to watch. By mid-season, their record was not just commendable but a blueprint for success in the sport. Each match was a display of strategy and athleticism, with the Supernovas’ stars shining bright against teams like the Sky, consistently captivating sports enthusiasts.

Path to the Championship

As the regular season gave way to the playoffs, the Supernovas solidified their status as championship contenders. Their path to the championship was marked by a series of decisive victories that showcased their talent and determination. With each passing match, the likelihood of them clinching the title became more apparent, setting the stage for what could be a new chapter in their championships history.

Fan Engagement

The Omaha Supernovas have taken significant steps to ensure fan engagement remains at the core of their operations. With a focus on community connection and memorable experiences, they prioritize promotions, events, and outreach efforts to build a loyal fan base.

Promotions and Events

The Omaha Supernovas host a variety of promotions and special events aimed at boosting fan participation and excitement. Fans in Omaha can look forward to unique game-day experiences, with opportunities that may include:

  • Meet-and-Greet Sessions: where supporters can interact with their favorite players, bridging the gap between the fans and the professional athletes.
  • Exclusive Access: season ticket holders often receive early access to tickets and special events, adding value to the purchase of a season ticket deposit.
  • Theme Nights: games featuring themes that celebrate local Omaha culture or national events, increasing the entertainment value for fans.

Community Outreach

The team’s community outreach initiatives extend beyond the court, establishing the Omaha Supernovas as a proactive member of the Nebraska pro volleyball scene. Their efforts include:

  • Clinics and Workshops: where both young and adult fans can learn directly from professional female athletes.
  • Charity Matches: that support local causes, emphasizing the team’s commitment to the United States’ growth in professional sports.

Through targeted community engagement, the Omaha Supernovas aim to foster a long-lasting relationship with fans not just in Omaha but also extending to fans of volleyball in cities like Atlanta and San Diego.

Industry Perspective

In assessing the Omaha Supernovas, it is pivotal to consider both their integration within the Pro Volleyball Federation’s framework and their competitive edge in the industry, including roster strengths and overall team performance.

Pro Volleyball Federation Structure

The Professional Volleyball Federation (PVF), a principal organization in the sport, has structured its league to encapsulate teams from various cities, including the Omaha Supernovas. The Supernovas are backed by a robust management system and have actively recruited talent from prestigious universities like Creighton and Penn State—both known for their competitive volleyball programs. Their involvement within the PVF illustrates a commitment to fostering a world-class environment for athletes.

Market Competition and Team Performance

The Supernovas compete in a market where teams like those from Wisconsin and Auburn are key players, making performance integral to standing out.

They have fortified their lineup by signing outstanding players. You can see this on the comprehensive roster posted by

This strategic assembly of athletes showcases their aim to capitalize on team chemistry and skill, factors critical in facing the rigors of the volleyball season. Noteworthy performance by the Supernovas could serve as a cornerstone for the ongoing development and popularity of the PVF within the sports solar system.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Omaha Supernovas are a professional volleyball team that has gained attention with their competitive roster, and fans often have questions about their players, earnings, schedules, and more.

What is the current roster for the Omaha Supernovas Volleyball team?

The Omaha Supernovas roster features a diverse group of players, including seasoned professionals and fresh talent from NCAA national championship teams.

How much do players on the Omaha Supernovas earn?

Player earnings vary based on experience and contracts, but salaries for professional volleyball players like those on the Omaha Supernovas are typically kept private.

What does the Omaha Supernovas’ game schedule look like this season?

The Omaha Supernovas have a full lineup of matches for the season, which are detailed in their 2024 match schedule.

Who holds the ownership of the Omaha Supernovas team?

You can usually find information about the ownership structure of the Omaha Supernovas on their official Pro Volleyball Federation page, where they list key team details.

Where can I find the TV schedule for upcoming Omaha Supernovas games?

The TV schedule for upcoming matches is often released closer to game dates and can be found on sports networks or the Press section of the Omaha Supernovas website.

How can I get tickets to see an Omaha Supernovas match?

You can purchase tickets to see the Omaha Supernovas play through their season ticket page.

The page offers a variety of seating options and pricing details.