Mya Allen Volleyball to TCU: Rising Star Chooses the Horned Frogs

Mya Allen volleyball is quickly making a name for herself in the world of high school volleyball as a dynamic and powerful outside hitter.

Born in San Antonio, Texas, Allen’s impressive athleticism and skill on the court have caught the attention of fans and recruiters alike.

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Mya Allen TCU commit

In the competitive sphere of Texas volleyball, she stands out for her remarkable statistics and the leadership she brings to her team, the Reagan High School Rattlers.

At 16 years old, Mya Allen already demonstrates a unique combination of height, agility, and technical skill that contributes to her success in volleyball.

She stands at 5 feet 10 inches tall, an attribute that, coupled with her strong vertical jumping ability, allows her to excel at spiking and blocking.

With her entering the spotlight, the public has taken an interest in her career, eagerly following her performances and anticipating her potential impact on the sport at higher levels.

Key Takeaways

  • Mya Allen is a noteworthy high school volleyball player with considerable skill and athleticism.
  • Her physical attributes and volleyball prowess make her a strong competitor and team leader.
  • Allen’s growing recognition is a testament to her impactful presence on and off the court.

Mya Allen Volleyball Offers

Mya Allen has gained significant traction in the world of high school volleyball due to her remarkable performance as a hitter.

Standing at a height of 5 feet 10 inches and playing for Reagan High School, Allen has captured the attention of college scouts with her athletic prowess.

Collegiate Interest:

Since her ascendance in high school volleyball, Mya Allen has received a variety of volleyball scholarship offers.

Although specific offer details are typically kept private, the types of offers she may have are likely diverse given her skills and exposure.

  • Division 1: Known for her agility and spiking capability, it’s probable that Allen has offers from prominent Division 1 schools, which seek out players with her potential.
  • Division 2 and 3: These schools might also have expressed interest, offering a balance of academics and competitive volleyball.
Mya Allen standing next to height ruler in Reagan uniform, volleyball net
My Allen Height Vertical

Recruitment Conversations:

Colleges often engage in preliminary discussions before officially extending an offer. It’s fair to speculate she’s had such conversations based on her Instagram following and exposure.


Her in-game statistics, like the 26 kills and 10 digs reported on Rattler Sports, underscore why Allen would be a sought-after athlete for collegiate programs.

Verbal Commitments:

As of yet, there is no public information available regarding Allen’s verbal commitments to any universities. Such commitments are typically made during or after junior year and can be crucial indicators of a player’s collegiate direction.

Every offer Allen receives is an acknowledgement of her hard work and a testament to her potential at the collegiate level.

Mya Allen Volleyball Ranking

Mya Allen has established herself as a formidable high school volleyball player. She has gained recognition through her impressive performances on the court.

As of the latest updates, Allen has been named to the 25 Player MaxPreps Jr All-America Team, showcasing her skill at a national level.

Career Highlights

  • 2021: Breakout season, rising to local prominence
  • 2023: Continued excellence, leading to national recognition
  • 2024: Maintains top-tier performance in high school volleyball


  • MaxPreps Jr All-America Team
  • Multiple game recognitions and awards

Season Statistics

  • Total kills for the 2023 season : 766
  • Defensive contributions: Notable for back-row play


Mya Allen’s talent and hard work have not gone unnoticed, as her ranking among high school volleyball players has been commendably high.

She is often featured in local sports sections for her gameplay, such as in the San Antonio Express-News, where details of her contributions to Reagan High School’s victories are documented.

Her athleticism and court awareness have made her a standout player and a key contributor to her team’s success.

Mya Allen Volleyball Height

Mya Allen has made a notable impression on the volleyball court with her impressive height which plays a vital role in her athletic performance.

Standing at 5 feet 10 inches (1.77 meters), Allen’s stature gives her a significant advantage in the game.

Physical Attributes:

  • Height: 5’10” (1.77 m)
  • Reach: Essential for blocks and spikes
  • Agility: Complements her height

Her height contributes to her ability to outmaneuver opponents during intense matches.

It enables her to perform effective spikes and blocks, fundamental aspects of volleyball that are enhanced by a player’s physical height.

Allen’s height is not just for show; it adds to her agility and is a critical factor in her overall gameplay.

At a mere 16 years of age, Mya Allen has already exhibited the advantages of her height in high school volleyball matches.

This physical attribute combined with her skill set makes her a formidable presence on the court. Her height is a consistent talking point not only for its contribution to her current success but also for its potential impact on her future volleyball endeavors.

Volleyball Mya Allen’s height is well-suited for the sport, and it’s clear that she leverages this along with her other athletic capabilities to excel in high school volleyball competitions.

Mya Allen Volleyball Vertical

Mya Allen, a promising high school volleyball athlete, has demonstrated a remarkable vertical jump that sets her apart in the sport.

Training and natural ability combine to give her an impressive leap, essential for spikes and blocks in volleyball.

Vertical Jump Measurement:
Allen’s vertical jump has been a talking point in the volleyball community, capturing attention on platforms such as TikTok, with her measurement and training videos gaining numerous views.

  • Recorded Jump Height: Information not specifically provided in search results
  • Measurement Venue: AUSA Facility (as per TikTok snippet)

Training Routine:
Allen’s commitment to enhancing her vertical jump involves a rigorous training regimen.

Her workouts likely incorporate plyometrics, strength training, and technique refinement. Regular training can lead to consistent improvements in jump height.

Importance in Gameplay:
In volleyball, a player’s vertical jumping ability is crucial.

Allen’s jump enables her to dominate at the net with powerful spikes and solid blocks.

It’s a skill that has garnered attention and could offer her significant advantages in competitive play.

Public Interest:
Videos showcasing Allen’s vertical jump training and execution have been widely viewed and shared, serving as inspiration and a testament to her skill level.

Her audience eagerly follows her progress, as seen with the attention on social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube.

Mya Allen Volleyball holding teddy bear under blue sky, soft grey bear

Mya Allen Volleyball Age

Mya Allen, an upcoming star in the high school volleyball scene, was born on June 12, 2007. As of 2024, she has reached the age of 16.

This detail of her age helps underscore her achievements on the volleyball court as an exceptionally young athlete competing at a high level.

At this youthful stage, Allen’s accomplishments in volleyball are particularly impressive:

  • Age when named Player of the Year: 16
  • Athletic Development: Showcases significant agility and prowess in gameplay at a young age.

Observing her progress over time, it becomes clear that Allen has harnessed her youth as an advantage on the volleyball court.

Her age reflects not only her current level of proficiency but also her potential for future development in the sport.

With years ahead of her, Allen’s early start in volleyball suggests a promising trajectory in her athletic career.

Early Life and Education

Born in San Antonio TX, Mya Allen has become a standout figure in high school volleyball. Her academic journey is intertwined with her athletic prowess, both of which unfold at Reagan High School.

High School Volleyball Career

At Reagan High School, Mya Allen has distinguished herself as a formidable high school volleyball hitter.

Her impressive record includes achieving a new school record with 766 kills in a single season, signifying her significant impact on the court.

Her athletic endeavors, marked by agility and strategic gameplay, are bolstered by her height of 5 feet 10 inches and a weight of 125 lbs.

  • Key Statistics:
    • Height: 5’10”
    • Weight: 125 lbs
    • Kills (Single Season): 766

Influence of Family

Allen’s inclination towards volleyball was fostered by a supportive family environment.

Although specific details about family influence are not disclosed, such an environment often provides the encouragement and resources necessary for young athletes like Allen to develop their skills and pursue their passions within competitive sports.

Mya Allen’s Volleyball Career

Mya Allen has shown remarkable performance as a high school volleyball player, with impressive statistics in kills and a promising potential for a professional future.

Professional Aspirations

Mya Allen, a dominant force on the volleyball court, possesses significant professional aspirations. Standing at 5 feet 10 inches and weighing 125 lbs, her athletic build contributes to her considerable skill set. This includes a noteworthy ability to execute kills, digs, and blocks—essential aspects of a prosperous volleyball career.

Her strength in these areas is evident in her high school statistics, where she’s made notable contributions to her team’s victories. As of 2024, at the young age of 16, Allen showcases the agility and advantage necessary to enhance her game. She foresees a jump to professional play. Her growing following on platforms like Instagram indicates her impact on and off the court, signaling potential for a significant presence in the professional volleyball community. With an already illustrious high school career featuring a staggering 766 kills, her trajectory suggests a promising professional tenure ahead.

Statistical Highlights

Mya Allen’s volleyball prowess is quantifiably impressive, marked by remarkable achievements and a strong presence both offensively and defensively. Her compelling statistics reflect her skill set and value to the team.

Key Achievements

  • Player of the Year: Mya Allen’s standout season earned her the coveted title of Player of the Year in 2023.
  • School Record: A new school single season record was set by Allen with a whopping 766 kills.

Defensive Skills

Mya Allen’s defensive contributions are noteworthy:

  • Digs: She secured the second spot on her team with an impressive count of 501 digs.
  • Blocks: A solid defensive wall, Allen recorded 71 blocks during the season.

Offensive Strategies

Offensively, Mya Allen approaches the game with a strategic mindset:

  • Serve Receive: Highly reliable in serve receive, she passed over 700 balls, demonstrating her crucial role in the team’s offensive setup.
  • Hitting Power: Her hitting power is reflected in highlight reels, such as the one featuring 36 Kills vs Lake Travis.

Team Dynamics and Leadership

Mya Allen‘s role in shaping the team dynamics and leadership at Reagan High School stands out for her contributions on and off the volleyball court. Her performance has been pivotal to fostering a strong, cohesive team spirit among the Rattlers.

Role at Reagan Volleyballs

Mya Allen has maintained an impressive role as a key player for the Reagan high school volleyball team, the Rattlers. In her tenure, she has demonstrated leadership through her athletic prowess and consistent gameplay. For instance, her record-breaking season with 766 kills not only set a new standard for future players but also exemplified her ability to lead by example on the court. Her dual role in offense and defense, showcased by her 501 digs and 71 blocks, establishes her as a multifaceted athlete who contributes significantly to the team’s dynamic. Her leadership extends beyond statistics, positively influencing her team’s performance and morale.

Rattlers Team Spirit

The Rattlers exhibit a robust team spirit, driven heavily by Mya Allen’s contributions and the collective Rattlerpride. Her outstanding performances, such as achieving Super Team & All-Area 6A honors, have played a significant role in unifying the team. Mya’s dedication and resilience, exemplified by her determination to play through injuries, have set a high bar for teamwork and perseverance. The camaraderie and mutual support displayed by the Rattlers are a testament to the positive, spirited environment cultivated by leaders like Mya. This nurturing of team spirit has been integral to their progress and success in regional competitions.

Media Coverage and Public Recognition

Mya Allen, the high school volleyball standout, has made significant waves in the media, particularly through features in the San Antonio Express News and captures by Alamo Sports Photography. Her achievements on the court are not simply a matter of record but have garnered public attention and praise from various media outlets.

San Antonio Express News Features

  • Recognition by Journalist David Hinojosa: Mya Allen’s volleyball prowess has been frequently highlighted by David Hinojosa, a journalist with the San Antonio Express News. Hinojosa has chronicled Allen’s performances, noting her as a force on the court with remarkable statistics that include 19 kills, 18 digs, and four aces in a single game.
  • Awards and Honors: Her athletic excellence has led to awards such as Super Team & All-Area 6A, as the Express News has documented Allen’s contributions to her team’s success, including a staggering 766 kills and 501 digs in her junior season.

Local Sports Photography

  • Alamo Sports Photography Capture: Visual representations of Allen’s dynamic gameplay are vividly captured by Alamo Sports Photography. The images showcase her athletic form and ability, serving as a testament to her skill and dedication as a volleyball athlete.
  • Documenting Athletic Moments: Alamo’s photographers are keen on catching pivotal moments during matches, reflecting the intensity and focus that Mya Allen brings to the game. Their photos often provide fans with a visual narrative of her growth and impact as a player over her high school career.

Training and Performance

Mya Allen’s achievements in volleyball are the result of rigorous training and meticulous attention to her physical condition. A well-structured regimen ensures her body remains in top shape, optimizing her performance during games.


Mya Allen volleyball engages in a stringent conditioning program designed to enhance her agility and power on the court. This includes a mix of aerobic and anaerobic exercises that improve her cardiovascular health and muscular endurance. High-intensity interval training (HIIT) sessions are key, equipping her with the stamina needed for extended matches. Her routine also incorporates plyometrics, assisting in achieving explosive jumps and swift directional changes.

Diet and Weight Management

Maintaining her athletic physique, Mya Allen focuses on a balanced diet that supports her weight management goals. She consumes a precise ratio of macronutrients—proteins for muscle repair, carbohydrates for energy, and fats for overall health. Her diet is tailored to meet the demands of her training intensity and competitive schedule, ensuring her body is properly nourished and she maintains an ideal weight for peak athletic performance.

Future Projections

As a promising high school athlete, Mya Allen’s trajectory in volleyball displays significant potential for her collegiate and professional career. Her exceptional performance at the high school level sets the stage for significant growth and achievement in the coming years.

Collegiate Volleyball Commitments

Mya Allen volleyball has made a commitment to play volleyball at the collegiate level. She has announced her intent to join Texas Christian University (TCU), a notable NCAA Division I school. This commitment allows her to develop her skills further under the guidance of experienced collegiate coaches, compete against top-tier athletes, and gain the exposure necessary to thrive in a professional setting in the future.

Professional Volleyball Prospects

Upon completion of her collegiate career, Mya Allen volleyball may pursue opportunities in professional volleyball. Players with her height and capabilities often attract interest from professional teams, both within the United States and internationally. Should she choose to go pro, Allen could potentially join a team in leagues such as the Big Ten or Pac-12, which are known for their competitive play, or seek to play abroad in countries with strong volleyball traditions like Brazil or Italy. As far as individual aspirations, it’s feasible that she targets a spot in the U.S. National Women’s team, eyeing participation in prestigious tournaments like the FIVB Volleyball Women’s Nations League and eventually the Olympics.

Frequently Asked Questions

In the world of high school volleyball, Mya Allen stands out with impressive skills and accolades. These FAQs delve into specifics about her athletic prowess, commitments, and personal background.

What is Mya Allen’s vertical jump measurement?

Mya Allen is known for her remarkable athletic ability, which includes an impressive vertical jump, essential for her success in volleyball. Specific measurements of her vertical jump can vary and may be updated during athletic evaluations.

Which college has Mya Allen committed to for volleyball?

Mya Allen is committed to TCU, but expected to transfer to Nebraska in coming seasons.

Where can I find highlights from Mya Allen’s volleyball games?

Highlights from Mya Allen’s volleyball games may be found on MaxPreps, where her achievements and game footage are often featured.

How old is volleyball player Mya Allen?

As the available search results do not specify Mya Allen’s age, it can typically be approximated based on her high school graduation year. For current year-specific information, local sports listings or school rosters often provide age or grade level.

College Prospects

Mya Allen has showcased a level of play that has put her on the radar for collegiate volleyball programs. Tracking where this athlete will commit is a matter closely followed by college scouts and enthusiasts alike.

Who are Mya Allen’s parents?

Information about Mya Allen’s parents is not widely publicized. Families often play a supportive role in a student-athlete’s career and maintain varying degrees of public visibility.

What is Mya Allen’s ethnic background?

Mya Allen’s ethnic background is not detailed in the available information. The focus is generally on her athletic performance and achievements within the sport of volleyball.

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