Megan Courtney Lush: Trailblazing Success in Women’s Volleyball

Megan Courtney Lush represents the dynamic blend of talent and tenacity that is reshaping the landscape of professional volleyball.

An accomplished American indoor player, she has carved out a reputation for her prowess on the court. Currently, she is making waves as a member of the Columbus Fury within the Pro Volleyball Federation.

Megan Courtney Lush volleyball, Columbus Fury in firestation

Her journey began with a decorated collegiate career at Penn State. There, she contributed to back-to-back national championships. This has seamlessly transitioned into a promising professional endeavor.

Courtney Lush’s role as an outside hitter is pivotal to her team’s strategy, exploiting her skills in both offense and defense.

Having transitioned from college to a professional athlete, her impact on the game continues to grow. Her statistical highlights and performances in national and international competitions have not only underscored her capabilities but have also heightened her influence on the sport.

Off the court, Megan’s personal story and contributions reflect her commitment not just as a player but also as an ambassador of volleyball.

Key Takeaways

  • Megan Courtney Lush is a distinguished professional volleyball player and Penn State alumna.
  • She plays as an outside hitter and is known for her significant contributions to both offense and defense.
  • Courtney Lush’s influence extends beyond the court, impacting the volleyball community at large.

Early Life and Education

Megan Courtney’s journey in volleyball began in Ohio, where her family’s support played a pivotal role.

Her athletic prowess was nurtured from a young age, leading her to become a standout player at Archbishop Alter High School.

High School Volleyball Beginnings

At Archbishop Alter High School, Courtney made an immediate impact on the court. She honed her skills and showcased her versatility, dominating as an all-around athlete. Her performance at the high school level set the stage for her subsequent collegiate success.

Penn State Dynasty Era

Courtney’s transition to college volleyball was marked by her time at Penn State University, where she contributed to the school’s storied volleyball legacy.

During her tenure, the Penn State women’s volleyball team secured consecutive national championships in 2013 and 2014, solidifying their dynasty status with Courtney as a key player.

Collegiate Achievements

Megan Courtney’s tenure at Penn State marked an illustrious volleyball career peppered with significant accolades and leadership roles.

From her initial year, marked by notable freshman honors, to her pivotal role in clinching national titles, her contributions were instrumental to her team’s success.

Freshman Accolades

During her freshman year, Courtney quickly established her presence on the court. She was named both the Big Ten Freshman of the Year and the AVCA Mideast Region Freshman of the Year, showcasing her talent early in her collegiate volleyball journey.

National Recognition

Megan Courtney’s prowess on the volleyball court led the Penn State Nittany Lions to consecutive NCAA Championships in 2013 and 2014.

Her performance not only contributed to the team’s success but also cemented her status as a player of national repute.

Senior Leadership

In her senior year, Courtney’s leadership qualities shone as she guided younger teammates and upheld Penn State’s legacy of volleyball excellence.

Her influence extended beyond individual accolades as she remained a critical asset, leading both on and off the court.

Professional Career

Megan Courtney Lush’s journey in professional volleyball reflects an upward trajectory marked by international play and her pivotal role in the Pro Volleyball Federation‘s burgeoning success.

International Experience

Megan Courtney Lush started her overseas career in professional volleyball leagues across Europe.

Her international stints include competing in countries such as Italy and Poland, where her skill as an outside hitter earned her recognition and success.

Pro Volleyball Federation Start

The Pro Volleyball Federation began with the promise of establishing a sustainable and high-quality league within the United States.

Megan Courtney Lush joined this pioneering effort, bringing her extensive international exposure and elite skills back to her home country to contribute to the fledgling league’s development.

Columbus Fury Inaugural Member

As a key player for the Columbus Fury, Megan Courtney Lush has played an instrumental role from the inaugural season.

Megan Courtney Lush height

The team, playing out of Nationwide Arena, benefits from her leadership, experience, and athletic prowess as they compete in the Pro Volleyball Federation, marking a new chapter in her professional career.

Positional Play and Skills

Megan Courtney Lush exemplifies exceptional talent in both offensive and defensive roles on the volleyball court.

As a player renowned for her versatility and technical skills, she excels as an Outside Hitter while also dominating in the role of a Libero.

Versatility as an Outside Hitter

Megan Courtney Lush’s proficiency as an Outside Hitter is evidenced by her powerful and strategic kills.

She possesses the rare ability to read the court effectively, allowing her to place her hits beyond the reach of opposing defenders.

Her time with the Columbus Fury has been marked by moments of brilliance, with Megan delivering crucial kills that retain her team’s competitiveness during high-pressure situations.

Defensive Mastery as Libero

Shifting gears to her defensive role, Megan has also demonstrated a mastery of the Libero position.

Her quick reflexes enable her to execute precise digs, turning would-be points for the opposition into opportunities for the Fury.

Her anticipation during sets allows her to consistently perform blocks and, on occasion, serve up an unstoppable ace.

The transition from Outside Hitter to Libero within the national team showcases her adaptable skill set and commitment to the team’s defensive strength.

Statistical Highlight

Megan Courtney Lush’s career is marked by outstanding statistical achievements that showcase her versatility and dominance on the volleyball court.

Career Standout Stats

  • Kills: As an explosive outside hitter, Courtney Lush has consistently delivered powerful kills throughout her career.
  • Aces: Her serve is not only reliable but also a formidable weapon, racking up aces against the toughest opponents.
  • Digs: Her transition to libero saw her defensive stats spike, notably in digs, which illustrate her defensive prowess.
  • Double-Doubles: Exhibiting her all-around skill set, she has achieved numerous double-doubles, combining high kill and dig counts in single matches.

Impactful Game Performances

  • Columbus Fury vs. Grand Rapids: Courtney Lush led with 14 kills, demonstrating her offensive impact and ability to shift momentum through critical plays.
  • During the match that marked the Fury’s first win of the season, her performance included a double-double, with 11 kills and 11 digs, contributing to the team’s defensive and offensive facets.

National and International Competitions

Megan Courtney Lush has made significant impacts in both national and international volleyball competitions, showcasing her versatility and impressive skills on the court.

FIVB Tournaments

Megan Courtney‘s achievements on an international stage are highlighted by her participation in the FIVB Volleyball Nations League.

This annual international women’s volleyball competition has seen Courtney display her athleticism and teamwork, contributing to the US team’s performances.

In the FIVB World Grand Prix, another key international event, Courtney has continued to display her prowess, representing the United States at a high level of competition.

U.S. Women’s National Team Appearances

As a seasoned member of the U.S. Women’s National Team since 2016, Megan Courtney has transitioned from her collegiate role as an outside hitter to a libero for the national team.

She has been part of squads competing at the highest levels of the sport, sharing in the collective efforts and achievements of the team on the world stage.

Player Impact and Influence

Megan Courtney Lush has not only showcased exceptional skill on the court but has also made a significant mark on player development and team culture.

Leadership and Team Dynamics

As a seasoned professional and a former U.S. National Team member, Megan Courtney Lush brings a unique depth of experience to the Columbus Fury.

Her ability to perform under pressure has been crucial in pivotal matches, including a standout performance where she paced the Fury with 14 kills against Grand Rapids.

Notably, her strategic time-out discussions, often in collaboration with Coach Reagan Cooper, demonstrate her tactical acumen, fostering resilience and a fighting spirit within the team.

Mentorship of Younger Players

Megan’s guidance extends beyond the court. She actively contributes to the growth of her teammates, such as Samantha Drechsel, by sharing her knowledge and experiences.

This mentorship has been instrumental in shaping a competitive yet supportive environment. It’s evident that her return to volleyball post becoming a mother has also imbued a sense of family within the team, inspiring younger players to balance professional aspirations with personal life.

Her influence and expertise have been pivotal to the Fury’s dynamic, empowering the next generation of players.

Off the Court

Megan Courtney Lush is more than a star athlete; her life away from volleyball is rich with family ties and community connection.

Personal Life

Nora, the light of Courtney Lush’s life, shares a home in Columbus, Ohio, with her and her husband, Mitch Lush.

Her role as a mother is embraced with the same zeal she shows on the court. Megan and Mitch, with little Nora in tow, form a close-knit family, deeply rooted in their Ohio home.

Community Engagement

Megan’s impact extends beyond her immediate family as she plays a significant part in the local public sphere. Her involvement in community initiatives makes her an invaluable figure in Columbus.

Her place in the community stands out as a professional athlete embracing motherhood. Her engagement helps to elevate the profile of the sport within the local area.

Future Prospects and Endeavors

Megan Courtney Lush, a seasoned professional outside hitter, is poised to make significant strides with her current team, the Columbus Fury.

Her career advancements and the legacy she’s building continue to elevate the profile of professional volleyball.

Career Trajectory

Courtney Lush’s recent signing with the Columbus Fury is expected to greatly impact the team’s performance at Nationwide Arena.

Given her world-champion caliber and her instrumental role in victories, it is anticipated that she will lead the Fury to new heights in the upcoming seasons.

Her track record suggests that with her on the roster, the team’s reach and influence in the world of professional volleyball are likely to expand.

Legacy and Recognition

Megan Courtney Lush’s legacy in volleyball goes beyond her powerful spikes and defensive skills. As an athlete who has consistently demonstrated excellence on the court, she is accruing a significant amount of recognition, both nationally and internationally.

Emphasizing leadership and performance, she stands to enshrine herself as a key figure in the sport. She inspires future generations of players and potentially earns accolades that solidify her status as one of the greats in professional volleyball.


Megan Courtney Lush has proven to be a formidable force in professional volleyball. Her remarkable career, decorated with back-to-back national championships at Penn State, demonstrates her commitment and skill in the sport.

As an outside hitter, she continues to display her versatility and talent on the court.

Playing for the Columbus Fury, her performance remains stellar. Notably, Courtney Lush’s contribution to the team’s recent win was significant, showcasing her ability to achieve double-doubles and being instrumental in the team’s high blocking stats.

Her presence is a clear asset not just to the team, but to the league as well.


  • Double-Doubles: Consistently recorded, indicating versatility
  • Team Influence: Integral in Fury’s improved attacking percentage

In Ohio, where her passion for the game was kindled, Courtney Lush remains a household name in the volleyball community.

With the Columbus Fury, she represents more than just her athletic ability; she is a symbol of excellence and determination in professional volleyball.

Her impact on the game is evident, and she continues to be an inspiration for aspiring athletes.

With each match, Megan Courtney Lush not only elevates her team but also enriches the sport with her dedication and prowess.

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In her sports journalism career, Megan Courtney Lush is known for her insightful analysis and ability to connect with audiences through compelling storytelling that brings the emotions and stakes of sporting events to life.

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