LOVB Volleyball Olympics Brand Sponsorships: Enhancing Global Athletic Partnerships


LOVB Volleyball Olympic logo prominently displayed with brand sponsorship banners in a packed stadium

The Olympic opportunity

The Olympics bring exciting opportunities for brands and athletes. The upcoming Paris Olympics have sparked numerous collaborations between fashion brands and athletes. American gold medalists Simone Biles and Katie Ledecky starred in Athleta’s first-ever TV ad, celebrating the Olympic spirit.

J.Crew partnered with the U.S. women’s swim team, creating a limited-edition swimwear and beachwear line. Zenni Optical introduced Jrue Holiday, a future Olympian, as their new ambassador. Shein curated a collection with former Olympian Sanya Richards-Ross, showcasing the ongoing trend of fashion brands aligning with Olympians.

Beyond the Olympics, brands are engaging in sports partnerships. Spanx recently became the official partner of League One Volleyball, supporting the largest women’s volleyball league in the U.S. This partnership aims to uplift women pro volleyball players and young athletes.

Olympic Campaigns and Collaborations:

  • Athleta: Featuring Simone Biles and Katie Ledecky in a Paris Olympics-themed campaign.
  • J.Crew: Collaboration with the U.S. women’s swim team.
  • Zenni Optical: Partnership with basketball player Jrue Holiday.
  • Shein: Curated collection with Sanya Richards-Ross.

League One Volleyball (LOVB) is a significant player in the youth volleyball scene, with plans to launch a professional league. The inaugural pro season begins in November 2024, featuring six teams in cities like Austin, Atlanta, Houston, and others. LOVB’s partnership with Adidas will see the brand outfitting players for the first professional season, aiming to modernize athletic wear.

Adidas is expanding its reach in volleyball with a multi-year partnership with LOVB, focusing on outfitting both pro and club athletes. This partnership highlights Adidas’ commitment to volleyball, providing top-notch uniforms and footwear for athletes.

Key Cities for LOVB Professional League:

LOVB’s unique “community up” approach connects youth clubs with professional teams, building a strong volleyball community from the grassroots level. Notable players like Kelsey Robinson Cook, Logan Eggleston, and Jordan Thompson are part of LOVB, bringing their athlete storytelling to life and inspiring the next generation.

The partnership between LOVB and Spanx marks a significant moment for professional and young volleyball players. Spanx aims to support and elevate the lives of these athletes on and off the court. This collaboration includes initiatives like pre-season events, public appearances, and visibility for volleyball players through various social channels like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Notable LOVB Athletes:

  • Kelsey Robinson Cook
  • Logan Eggleston
  • Jordan Thompson
  • Haleigh Washington
  • Jordan Larson
  • Justine Wong-Orantes

The LOVB Foundation plays a crucial role in supporting young volleyball players, ensuring they have the resources and opportunities to excel in their sport. This effort is crucial in promoting the future of volleyball, especially for girls and women athletes.

With initiatives like these, LOVB and its partners are paving the way for the growth of volleyball in the U.S., nurturing young talent, and providing opportunities for professional growth in a sport that has captivated millions.

Frequently Asked Questions

A volleyball court with Olympic rings and sponsor logos displayed prominently

Which brands are the official sponsors of the League One Volleyball during the Olympic season?

League One Volleyball (LOVB) collaborates with several well-known brands to support the league and its athletes. Mikasa, a renowned sports equipment manufacturer, is one of the primary sponsors. LOVB’s partnerships are intended to enhance the experience for both players and fans.

How can a company become a brand sponsor for LOVB teams?

Companies interested in sponsoring LOVB teams can reach out through the official LOVB site. They can submit sponsorship proposals and discuss opportunities to collaborate, helping to grow the sport and support its athletes through financial and promotional means.

What is the difference between the Pro Volleyball Federation and League One Volleyball in terms of sponsorships?

League One Volleyball (LOVB) and the Pro Volleyball Federation differ in their approaches to sponsorship. LOVB focuses on creating a vibrant community and has a strong partnership with USA Volleyball, enhancing its sponsorship appeal. The Pro Volleyball Federation, on the other hand, may have different sponsorship strategies and goals, centered around their federation’s objectives.

What is the schedule for LOVB volleyball events leading up to the Olympics?

LOVB has planned a series of events leading up to the Paris 2024 Olympics. Their inaugural pro league season is set to launch after the Olympics, which is scheduled for November 2024. For more detailed information, you can visit their official site.

Who are the primary investors in League One Volleyball?

League One Volleyball has received substantial financial backing from various investors. Notably, Kevin Durant and Billie Jean King (BJK) have invested $16.75 million in LOVB. This investment highlights the growing interest and potential in the sport of volleyball.

How are brand sponsorships impacting the growth of League One Volleyball?

Brand sponsorships play a crucial role in the growth of LOVB by providing essential financial resources and promotional support. These partnerships help in organizing events, training programs, and increasing the visibility of the sport. The collaboration with USA Volleyball announced recently is an excellent example of how sponsorships can enhance the league’s development and fan engagement.

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