Grand Rapids Rise Volleyball: Dominating the Court with Skill and Strategy

The Grand Rapids Rise is a new addition to the Pro Volleyball Federation. It is a significant step in the expansion of professional women’s volleyball in the United States. The Grand Rapids Rise is determined to carve a name for itself in the competitive sports arena. With a dedicated lineup, the team is a beacon for talent and sportsmanship in Grand Rapids, bringing an exhilarating mix of skill and passion to the court.

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grand rapids rise

In the team’s inaugural season, the Rise has not only demonstrated exceptional play but has also fostered a strong sense of community and fan admiration. Through engaging home games at Van Andel Arena and a commitment to involvement in local initiatives, the Grand Rapids Rise goes beyond the sport, promoting values that resonate with fans and residents alike. The team’s cooperation with the coaching staff and players’ synergistic efforts reflect on their on-court performance, culminating in noteworthy season highlights.

Key Takeaways

  • The Grand Rapids Rise brings competitive women’s volleyball to Grand Rapids as part of the Pro Volleyball Federation.
  • Their inaugural season showcases an impressive roster and a committed coaching staff, leading to remarkable season highlights.
  • The team emphasizes strong fan engagement and community involvement, enhancing the spirit around the sport.

2024 Roster

The Grand Rapids Rise have assembled a dynamic roster for the 2024 season, featuring a blend of experienced players and promising new talent.

Symone Abbott

As an outside hitter, Symone Abbott brings a powerful attack to the front row. She is characterized by her strong swings and a keen sense of the court.

Kayla Caffey

Middle blocker Kayla Caffey is known for her remarkable blocking abilities and quick movements on the net, making her a formidable presence during matches.

Claire Chaussee

Claire Chaussee, an outside hitter, consistently delivers impressive offensive plays. She also has a reputation for her high-energy performances.

Emiliya Dimitrova

With a background in international play, Emiliya Dimitrova, an outside hitter, contributes a wealth of expertise and a diverse skill set to the team.

Ashley Evans

Setter Ashley Evans orchestrates the team’s offense with precision. She has also established herself as a leader on the court through her decision-making and adaptability.

Morgahn Fingall

As an explosive outside hitter, Morgahn Fingall’s athleticism and power make her a critical asset in both offensive and defensive situations.

Marin Grote

Middle blocker Marin Grote is distinguished by her height advantage and timing. She uses these traits effectively to block and alter opponents’ attacks.

Camila Gomez

Libero Camila Gomez offers unrivaled defensive skills as the team’s backbone. Her exceptional digs and ball control consistently keep plays alive.

Alyssa Jensen

Alyssa Jensen serves as a setter, bringing a strategic mind and precise hand to the role. She ensures teammates are set up for success.

Molly Lohman

Middle blocker Molly Lohman is known for her blocking technique and her ability to contribute offensively with quick attacks.

Mac Podraza

Setter Mac Podraza adds depth to the position with her tactical serves. She also has the ability to connect with hitters, establishing a formidable offensive strategy.

Erika Pritchard

As an outside hitter, Erika Pritchard is notable for her all-around play. She excels in both her attacking prowess and defensive contributions.

Shannon Scully

Outside hitter Shannon Scully is a versatile player whose consistency and approach to the game bring a reliable element to the team.

Sarah Sponcil

Sarah Sponcil, playing as a libero or defensive specialist, has quickly become known for her agility and defensive capabilities. She provides the team with stability and resilience.

Team Overview

The Grand Rapids Rise is the latest addition to West Michigan’s sporting landscape, bringing competitive professional volleyball to the region. Bridging enthusiastic community support with athletic excellence, the team is poised to make a significant impact both on and off the court.

Formation and History

The Grand Rapids Rise was established as part of the Pro Volleyball Federation’s expansion. They joined as one of the seven founding teams for the inaugural season in 2024. They are based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and represent a significant milestone for the sport’s growth in West Michigan. The team’s creation was met with excitement and support, signaling the beginning of a new era in the local sports scene. The Rise play their home games at the renowned Van Andel Arena, which has been a cornerstone venue in the city since 1996.

Grand Rapids Rise Vision

The vision of the Grand Rapids Rise encompasses more than just winning sets and matches. It is about establishing a lasting legacy and fostering a strong volleyball community in West Michigan. The Rise is set to not only compete at the highest level but also to inspire future generations of athletes. Focused on showcasing the values of teamwork, perseverance, and resilience, the Grand Rapids Rise aims to resonate with fans and set a benchmark for professional volleyball in the region.

Team Coaching Staff

The Grand Rapids Rise has appointed an experienced coaching staff for their professional volleyball team. At the forefront is Head Coach Cathy George, who brings a wealth of knowledge from her 35 years in collegiate volleyball. Notably, she served 17 seasons at Michigan State University, where she established a legacy of excellence within the sport.

The coaching team is also comprised of specialists and assistant coaches, each bringing their own expertise to the team’s development. They work closely with the full roster of players, ensuring a holistic approach to training that covers the technical, physical, and strategic aspects of the game.

Part of their responsibilities include scouting and analyzing the performances of their own team as well as the competition. Their collective goal is to enhance the competitiveness of the Grand Rapids Rise within the Pro Volleyball Federation.

Senior Leadership of the Rise:

  • Dan DeVos: Owner and CEO
  • Diane Maher: Chief Strategy Officer
  • Current Position Vacant: Athletic Trainer

Season Highlights

In the Grand Rapids Rise’s debut in professional volleyball, they have demonstrated impressive resilience and prowess. Their season has been marked by notable team development and significant victories that have set a solid foundation for the franchise.

Inaugural Season Achievements

The Grand Rapids Rise achieved commendable success in their inaugural season. With the team’s formation, they established themselves as a competitive force in the Pro Volleyball Federation. The Grand Rapids Rise’s phoenix mascot quickly became a symbol of the city’s fiery enthusiasm for the team.

Key Matches

  • Grand Rapids Rise vs. Columbus Fury: The Rise opened the season with a victory against the Columbus Fury. This first win at the Van Andel Arena set the tone for their season and demonstrated their potential as league contenders.
  • Defining Wins: Throughout the season, the Grand Rapids Rise secured several key victories. Their performance against the Orlando Valkyries showcased the team’s ability to bounce back and adjust strategies effectively. The Rise’s tactics yielded a high hitting percentage, reflecting their offensive strength.

Fan Engagement

The Grand Rapids Rise volleyball team actively encourages fan participation through streamlined ticketing services and diverse merchandise offerings.

Ticketing Information

Tickets for the Grand Rapids Rise games are available online and cater to a variety of preferences. Fans can choose from single-game tickets to season passes, ensuring they don’t miss a moment of the action at the Van Andel Arena. The arena’s seating is designed to offer an engaging viewing experience from every angle.

  • Single-game Tickets: Available for those looking to enjoy a specific match.
  • Season Passes: A cost-effective option for die-hard fans to attend all home games.


Support for the Grand Rapids Rise goes beyond the court with an array of merchandise. The team’s official store boasts a wide selection of gear, from jerseys and hats to accessories. Items are available at the Van Andel Arena during games and can also be purchased through the team’s official website.

  • Apparel: Jerseys, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and more sporting the team’s colors and logos.
  • Accessories: Keychains, stickers, and other items that allow fans to show their team spirit.

Community Involvement

The Grand Rapids Rise, West Michigan’s professional women’s volleyball team, actively engages with the local community through various initiatives. These efforts are an essential part of their commitment to giving back to the community that supports them.

Local Outreach Programs

The Rise has established several programs aimed at enriching the community of Grand Rapids. Team Rise Together is a key initiative that partners with local schools to promote physical education and nutrition. Additionally, the Rise to Succeed program focuses on mentoring young women, encouraging them to pursue their goals both on and off the court. These programs underscore the team’s dedication to fostering a positive impact in the area.

Youth Clinics

Engaging the next generation, the Grand Rapids Rise conducts youth clinics throughout the year. These clinics are tailored for children and teens and focus on skill development, teamwork, and sportsmanship. They provide an opportunity for young athletes to train and learn from professional players. Moreover, the clinics are held in various locations across West Michigan, ensuring wide access and participation.

The 2024 Roster Grand Rapids Rise Volleyball team celebrates a championship win, with players cheering and raising the trophy in the air

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the schedule for the upcoming Grand Rapids Rise volleyball season?

The Grand Rapids Rise volleyball team has a comprehensive season schedule available. The schedule lists all the games, including dates, times, and venues for the upcoming season. Interested fans can view the full schedule to plan their attendance accordingly.

Who are the current players on the Grand Rapids Rise volleyball team roster?

Information on the current roster, including player names, positions, and stats, is updated regularly. This reflects the team’s lineup for the season. Fans can find detailed player profiles on the Grand Rapids Rise official Pro Volleyball Federation page.

What are the job opportunities available with Grand Rapids Rise?

Grand Rapids Rise offers a variety of job opportunities ranging from coaching and team management to marketing and event organization. Those interested should monitor the team’s official channels for announcements on job openings.

How can I purchase season tickets for the Grand Rapids Rise?

Season tickets for the Grand Rapids Rise matches can be purchased through the team’s official ticketing partner. They can also be purchased directly at the venue’s box office. Detailed information on purchasing tickets can be located on the Grand Rapids Rise’s ticket information page.

Who is the owner of the Grand Rapids Rise volleyball team?

Ownership details and the executive team of Grand Rapids Rise are typically listed on the official team website. This provides transparency and insights into the team’s leadership.

What is the price range for Grand Rapids Rise match tickets?

Match ticket prices for Grand Rapids Rise games vary based on the seating location, opponent, and timing of the purchase.

The latest pricing details can be found on the team’s official website or by inquiring at the ticket sales point for each match.