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Asjia Oneal invited to US Women’s National Team

asjia oneal us national team

Asjia ONeal, the middle blocker for the Columbus Fury, has been invited to train with the U.S. Women’s National Team. The national team is preparing for the Volleyball Nations League (VNL) and the 2024 Olympics in Paris. O’Neal was the first pick of the inaugural Pro Volleyball Federation draft. ONeal has played in nine matches … Read more

Jenna Rosenthal Volleyball Prodigy: The Rise to Prominence

jenna rosenthal volleyball columbus fury

Jenna Rosenthal has established herself as a formidable presence in the world of professional volleyball. Her height alone presents an intimidating force at the net, while her athletic prowess is undeniable. Known for her time as a middle blocker with the Columbus Fury of the Pro Volleyball Federation, Rosenthal’s career trajectory has seen her leave … Read more

Nikoleta Perovic Volleyball Career Highlights and Player Profile

nikoleta perovic volleyball beach columbus

Nikoleta Perović is a volleyball player from Montenegro who has made a notable impact on the sport, not only within her home country but on an international level as well. Having started her professional career at a young age, she has developed a reputation for her powerful gameplay and strategic prowess on the court. Perović’s … Read more

Ivania Ortiz Dejesus Volleyball Career Highlights and Impact

Ivania Ortiz Dejesus at cafe, bold painting

Ivania Ortiz Dejesus has emerged as a notable figure in professional volleyball. She consistently showcases her skills on the court. Her journey through the sport has taken her from thriving in a high school environment to making an impact in college volleyball. Now, she expresses her prowess in the Pro Volleyball Federation. Transitioning into the … Read more

Asjia O’Neal: Rising Star in Collegiate Volleyball

Asjia O'neal volleyball columbus fury

Asjia O’Neal stands as a testament to the convergence of athletic excellence and resilient spirit in the demanding arena of collegiate volleyball. Born into a lineage of sports prominence, O’Neal parlayed her heritage into her own form of success. She leveraged her height and natural talent to dominate on the volleyball court. Her journey through … Read more

Jenaisya Moore Volleyball Phenom: Rising Star Dominates the Court

jenaisya moore volleyball columbus fury

Jenaisya Moore’s emergence in the volleyball world is a testament to her outstanding athleticism and dedication to the sport. As a graduate student and an outside hitter for the University of Tennessee, Moore has proven to be a vital asset for the Lady Vols. She showcases her ability to perform under pressure and secure crucial … Read more

Valeria Leon Volleyball: Rising Star’s Impact on the Court

Valeria Loen volleyball Columbus Fury

Valeria León has made a significant mark in the world of volleyball as a formidable libero. Born and trained in Puerto Rico, she began honing her skills on the court at a young age, which paved the way for a bright future in the sport. Her early career was marked by a dedication to the … Read more

Rainelle Jones Volleyball Phenom: Dominating the Court

Rainelle Jones Volleyball Columbus Fury

Rainelle Jones is a formidable presence on the volleyball court. As a middle blocker for the Maryland Terrapins, she has made significant strides. Her journey through collegiate volleyball is punctuated with impressive individual achievements. She has emerged as a key player for the Terps. Jones’ impact extends beyond her impressive statistics. Her off-court activities demonstrate … Read more

Samantha Drechsel: A Powerhouse on the Volleyball Court

samantha drechsel columbus fury volleyball

Samantha Drechsel has made a formidable impact on the world of volleyball, showcasing her skills on both national and international platforms. An American athlete with a distinguished presence in the sport, her talents were first honed during her early life and high school career. Drechsel’s dedication to volleyball only grew stronger as she transitioned to … Read more

Megan Courtney Lush: Trailblazing Success in Women’s Volleyball

Megan Courtney Lush firestation

Megan Courtney Lush represents the dynamic blend of talent and tenacity that is reshaping the landscape of professional volleyball. An accomplished American indoor player, she has carved out a reputation for her prowess on the court. Currently, she is making waves as a member of the Columbus Fury within the Pro Volleyball Federation. Her journey … Read more