Berkeley Oblad: Exploring her Impact on Pro Volleyball

Berkeley Oblad has established herself as a prominent figure in the world of volleyball, from the courts of collegiate competition to the global stage of professional play.

A Las Vegas native and a graduate of Coronado High School, Oblad’s exceptional skills in the sport were evident early on.

She honed her talents at the University of Utah. From 2015 to 2019, her performance as a middle blocker earned her All-American honors and led her team to two NCAA Sweet Sixteen appearances.

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Berkeley Oblad

Following her successful collegiate career, Oblad expanded her repertoire internationally.

She played professionally in diverse locations including Hungary, Paris, and Taiwan. In Taiwan, she was recognized as part of the Top Volleyball League All-Star team.

Her transition from player to mentor began with her role as an Assistant Coach for Southern Utah University. In her current position, she continues to thrive as a middle blocker for Vegas Thrill of the Pro Volleyball Federation, further showcasing her dedication to volleyball both on and off the court.

Key Takeaways

  • Berkeley Oblad’s volleyball career is marked by international professional experience and significant collegiate achievements.
  • Beyond playing, she leverages her expertise in a coaching role at Southern Utah University.
  • Currently, she continues her athletic pursuits, playing professionally for Vegas Thrill.

Early Life and Education

berkeley oblad portrait in flower field
Berkeley Oblad Portrait

Berkeley Oblad hails from Las Vegas, Nevada where she attended Coronado High School and demonstrated outstanding athletic abilities early on.

Her commitment to volleyball was evident, culminating in a graduation that paved the way for a distinguished collegiate career.

In 2015, Oblad took the next step in her academic and athletic journey at the University of Utah.

Majoring in Graphic Design, she balanced her education with a rising trajectory in competitive volleyball.

  • University of Utah Achievements:
    • Earned the title of 1x All-American
    • Played a pivotal role in reaching two NCAA Sweet Sixteen appearances

During her time at the university, Oblad not only excelled in the classroom but also shined as a middle blocker on the volleyball court, laying a robust foundation for her professional ambitions.

Berkeley Oblad Collegiate Volleyball Career

Berkeley Oblad’s tenure at the University of Utah is marked by remarkable accomplishments, including All-American honors and significant contributions to the Pac-12 Conference. Her powerful presence as a middle blocker has left an indelible mark on the program.

University of Utah Experience

During her stay with the University of Utah from 2015 to 2019, Berkeley Oblad excelled as a middle blocker.

Her impressive skills on the court was acknowledged through an All-American title, showcasing her as one of the top players in her position across the nation.

  • Years Attended: 2015 – 2019
  • Position: Middle Blocker
  • Achievements: 1x All-American

Pac-12 Contributions

As a key player for the University of Utah, Oblad’s compelling performance earned her honors in the competitive Pac-12 Conference.

Her tenure at Utah included being named to the All-Pac-12 honorable mention, signifying her prowess and impact within one of the most prestigious volleyball conferences.

  • Conference: Pac-12
  • Honors: All-Pac-12 Honorable Mention

NCAA Sweet Sixteen Appearance

The exceptional playing skills of Oblad contributed to the University of Utah‘s two appearances in the NCAA Sweet Sixteen.

This accomplishment highlighted her strategic importance to the team during the national tournament and her central role in advancing her team to the later stages of the highly competitive NCAA volleyball championship.

  • Tournament: NCAA Sweet Sixteen
  • Appearances: Two Times

Professional Volleyball Endeavors

Berkeley Oblad has built a robust career in professional volleyball, marked by international play and a notable presence in the Pro Volleyball Federation as a middle blocker for Vegas Thrill.

Transition to Professional League

After a successful collegiate career at the University of Utah, where she was recognized as an All-American and participated in two NCAA Sweet Sixteen appearances, Berkeley Oblad moved to the professional volleyball arena.

She quickly established herself as a formidable middle blocker.

Playing in Hungary’s Top Volleyball League

Oblad’s professional journey took her to Hungary, where she competed in the country’s top volleyball league.

Her time in Hungary allowed her to hone her skills and gain valuable experience on the European circuit.

Achievements with the All-Star Team

Further elevating her professional profile, Oblad joined the Taiwan Top Volleyball League All-Star team, showcasing her talent on an international stage and reinforcing her status as a top athlete in her position.

Oblad has not only demonstrated her ability on the court but also shared her knowledge as an assistant coach at Southern Utah University, contributing to the sport’s growth.

Coaching Career

Berkeley Oblad’s transition from a celebrated player to coaching marked a significant career shift. Alongside playing professionally, she began imparting her extensive volleyball insights on budding athletes.

Assuming Role as Assistant Coach

Oblad brought her competitive zeal and deep understanding of the game to Southern Utah University as an Assistant Coach.

Her experiences as a former 1x All-American at the University of Utah and her professional stints in various international leagues played a pivotal role in shaping her coaching methodologies.

With two NCAA Sweet Sixteen appearances under her belt, her knowledge of high-stakes play is invaluable.

  • Position: Assistant Coach
  • Institution: Southern Utah University
  • Years Active: 2022 – Present

Contributions to Coronado High School

Las Vegas native and Coronado High School graduate, Berkeley Oblad, has been associated with her alma mater, contributing to the volleyball program.

Under the supervision of coach Matt Johnson, she has been utilizing her collegiate and professional experiences to develop the skills of the team members effectively.

  • Alma Mater: Coronado High School
  • Role: Volleyball Program Contributor
  • Coach Collaborated With: Matt Johnson

In addition to these coaching duties, Oblad continues her career as an athlete, presently serving as a middle blocker for Vegas Thrill of the Pro Volleyball Federation.

Her eclectic professional experience overseas—in Hungary, Paris, and Taiwan—including an appearance on the Taiwan Top Volleyball League All-Star team, further bolsters her coaching profile.

Post-Retirement Activities

Berkeley Oblad, renowned for her proficiency on the volleyball court as a middle blocker, has continued to harness her expertise beyond her active sports career.

In the domain of coaching, Oblad serves as an assistant coach at Southern Utah University, where she cultivates new talent and shares her extensive in-game insights.

Her experience, including notable achievements like being a 1x All-American and making two NCAA Sweet Sixteen appearances during her tenure at the University of Utah (2015-2019), provides a rich knowledge base for mentoring young athletes.

Professional Volleyball Journey 
UniversityUniversity of Utah
Professional TeamsHungary, Paris, Taiwan
Current PositionMiddle Blocker for Vegas Thrill
Notable AchievementsTaiwan Top Volleyball League All-Star team

Outside of coaching, Oblad has developed a marked presence in graphic design.

Her creative pursuits signify an expansion of her skill set and interests, translating the discipline and focus required in sports to the realms of design and aesthetics.

Berkeley’s athletic background equips her with a unique perspective beneficial to both her coaching and creative endeavours. Her innate understanding of teamwork and strategy gleaned from her global volleyball career enriches her craft in graphic design, while also guiding the next generation of athletes in Southern Utah University.

Raised in Las Vegas and a graduate of Coronado High School, Berkeley’s journey has been marked by both local grounding and international exposure, shaping her post-retirement pursuits with a broadened horizon and community impact.

Legacy and Impact

Berkeley Oblad’s volleyball career is marked by significant accomplishments that underscore her impact on the sport. As a central figure in the collegiate and professional volleyball spheres, her athletic prowess is highlighted by achieving over 500 career blocks and an All-American title, cementing her as a formidable presence on the court.

Collegiate Achievements:

  • University of Utah: Prestigious All-American honor bestowed during her tenure (2015-2019).
  • Integral to leading the team to two NCAA Sweet Sixteen appearances.

Professional Stature:

  • Vegas Thrill: Currently showcases her skills as a middle blocker.
  • International Career: Excelled in competitive leagues in Hungary, Paris, and Taiwan, even earning a spot on the Taiwan Top Volleyball League All-Star team.

Coaching Contributions:

  • Passion for the sport extends to coaching, where she imparts her knowledge and experience to the up-and-coming athletes at Southern Utah University as an assistant coach.

Her journey began in Las Vegas, as a graduate of Coronado High School, before she ascended to collegiate and professional heights. Oblad’s impressive trajectory from a local talent to an international volleyball star exemplifies a legacy of excellence and an ongoing impact that reaches beyond personal accolades to influence future generations in the sport.

Upcoming Projects and Goals

Berkeley Oblad, an accomplished volleyball athlete and coach, has a series of new projects and goals in the pipeline. Oblad has shown dedication and growth throughout her career and she is not one to rest on her laurels. The Las Vegas native and Coronado High School graduate has successfully transitioned from being a standout middle blocker at the University of Utah to playing professionally abroad and coaching.

Current Professional Commitments:

  • Middle blocker for Vegas Thrill of the Pro Volleyball Federation
  • Professional stints in Hungary, Paris, and Taiwan


  • Assistant Coach at Southern Utah University

Professional Goals:

  1. Refinement: Further developing her skills in the middle blocker position with the Vegas Thrill.
  2. Leadership: Continuing to mentor and guide young athletes at Southern Utah University.

Developmental Objectives:

  • International Play: Aiming to make significant contributions to teams in the Sunrise Region and reinforce her presence on the global stage.
  • Recognition: As a former All-American and Taiwan Top Volleyball League All-Star, she has her sights set on accumulating more accolades.

Communal Initiatives:

  • Local Impact: Leveraging her experience to foster volleyball at the grassroots level in her hometown of Las Vegas.

Oblad’s journey from collegiate success to an international volleyball career, highlighted by her time as a versatile player in Taiwan and Paris, positions her as a driving force in the sport. The upcoming seasons will surely be a testament to her continuous evolution as both a player and a coach.

Frequently Asked Questions

Berkeley Oblad, a Las Vegas native and esteemed volleyball player, has made significant strides in her athletic career, from playing at the University of Utah to coaching and competing professionally.

What team does the Vegas Thrill belong to?

Berkeley Oblad plays as a middle blocker for Vegas Thrill, a team that competes in the Pro Volleyball Federation.

In which NCAA division does Berkeley women’s volleyball compete?

During her collegiate years, Berkeley Oblad played for the University of Utah’s women’s volleyball team, which competes in NCAA Division I.

How can one acquire tickets for a Vegas Thrill game?

Tickets for Vegas Thrill games, where fans can watch athletes like Berkeley Oblad in action, are typically available through the team’s official website or the Pro Volleyball Federation’s platforms.

What recent achievements has Berkeley women’s volleyball team accomplished?

While Berkeley Oblad was with the University of Utah’s women’s volleyball team, they made two NCAA Sweet Sixteen appearances and she earned All-American honors.

Where is the home venue for the Vegas Thrill matches located?

The Vegas Thrill, which includes players like Berkeley Oblad, hosts their matches in a venue situated in Las Vegas, the city known for its vibrant sports scene.

What scholarships are available for Berkeley women’s volleyball athletes?

Scholarships for athletes playing women’s volleyball at the University of Utah are offered based on athletic merit and potential contributions to the team. Berkeley Oblad exemplified these qualities during her tenure from 2015 to 2019.

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