Atlanta vibe pro volleyball team win's opening match

Atlanta Vibe Roster: Unveiling the Ultimate 2024 Lineup

The Atlanta Vibe is participating in the Pro Volleyball Federation‘s inaugural season. The team, based in Atlanta, Georgia, embodies the spirit of teamwork and athleticism.

It brings together players with diverse backgrounds, from collegiate stars to seasoned international professionals. Each player brings a unique blend of skills and experience, contributing to a comprehensive team profile that promises to deliver exciting volleyball action to fans of the sport.

Under the guidance of an expert coaching staff, the Atlanta Vibe is committed not only to excellence on the court but also to fostering player development and community engagement.

The staff utilizes a strategic approach to training, maximizing each athlete’s potential and preparing the team for the rigors of competitive play.

Off the court, the Vibe engages with the community through outreach programs, aiming to build lasting connections with fans and creating an enriching game day experience.

Key Takeaways

  • The Atlanta Vibe is a competitive player in the Pro Volleyball Federation’s first season.
  • The team’s roster combines emerging talent and established professionals under skilled coaching.
  • Engagement strategies extend beyond the court, fostering community ties and fan support.

Team History

The Atlanta Vibe, a professional indoor volleyball team, marks a significant expansion in Atlanta’s sports portfolio. Introduced as members of the Pro Volleyball Federation, they’ve established a promising presence in the region.

Founding of the Franchise

The franchise was established as one of the seven charter members of the Pro Volleyball Federation. The Vibe’s creation brought professional women’s indoor volleyball to Atlanta, signaling a new era for sports enthusiasts in the city.

The team’s logo features dynamic typography and the vibrant team colors of red and ice blue. These colors are chosen to represent the energy and spirit of the Atlanta Vibe and to stand out within the league’s visual identity.

Inaugural Season Review

The Atlanta Vibe’s inaugural season in the Pro Volleyball Federation was a milestone for the city of Atlanta. The roster, filled with talented athletes, competed passionately, setting a foundation for the future success and popularity of the franchise.

Roster Composition

The Atlanta Vibe is comprised of a talented lineup of players, each bringing their unique skills to the volleyball court. The roster for the team includes a mix of established athletes and promising newcomers, creating a dynamic and competitive team.

Grace Cleveland

Grace Cleveland is a potent middle blocker known for her impressive blocking abilities and versatility on the court.

Whitney Bower

As a setter, Whitney Bower orchestrates the team’s offense with precision and intelligence, setting up successful plays.

Leah Edmond

Leah Edmond, an outside hitter, stands out for her powerful attacks and ability to score from the front row.

Kacie Evans

Kacie Evans, another outside hitter, brings energy and consistency to the team with her all-around gameplay.

Shelly Fanning

Shelly Fanning, a middle blocker, contributes to the team with her height and formidable presence at the net.

Morgan Hentz

Defensive specialist Morgan Hentz is known for her agility and incredible digs, often turning the tide of the game with her defensive prowess.

Kamaile Hiapo

Libero Kamaile Hiapo excels in backcourt defense, providing the first touch with exceptional ball control and passing.

Magdalena Jehlarova

Magdalena Jehlarova commands the middle blocker position with her blocking skills and strategic plays.

Anna Lazareva

Anna Lazareva, an outside hitter, is recognized for her powerful spikes and ability to penetrate opposing defenses.

Allie Linnehan

As a defensive specialist, Allie Linnehan contributes to the team’s defense with her reflexes and game-readiness.

Leketor Member-Meneh

Leketor Member-Meneh brings athleticism and experience to the outside hitter position, often leading the team in scoring.

Marlie Monserez

Setter Marlie Monserez is instrumental in running the team’s offense and brings a high level of game IQ to her role.

Regan Pittman

Middle blocker Regan Pittman provides the Vibe with both offensive and defensive capabilities, making her an all-around asset.

Yossiana Pressley

Yossiana Pressley, an outside hitter, is a dominant force at the net and has the ability to change the momentum of any match.

Karis Watson

Karis Watson, known for her effective attacks and blocks as a middle blocker, adds depth to the team’s frontcourt.

Tori Dilfer-Stringer

Tori Dilfer-Stringer rounds out the roster as a setter with superb distribution skills, ensuring the attackers have optimal opportunities to score.

Coaching Staff

The Atlanta Vibe’s coaching staff is spearheaded by the reputable Head Coach Todd Dagenais. They exhibit a wealth of experience and a proven track record of developing top-tier volleyball talent.

Head Coach Profile

Todd Dagenais stands at the forefront of the Atlanta Vibe as their esteemed Head Coach. With an impressive history of volleyball coaching roles and his expertise widely recognized, Dagenais’s leadership is a cornerstone of the team’s on-court strategy and player development. His strategic mindset and ability to bring out the best in players have been pivotal to the Atlanta Vibe’s competitive edge.

Assistant Coaches

Assistant Coaches under Todd Dagenais:

  • First Assistant Coach: Specializing in defensive strategies and known for a technical approach to training sessions.
  • Second Assistant Coach: Focused on attacking tactics and player fitness, contributing to a comprehensive coaching philosophy.

The assistant coaches work collectively to implement Dagenais’s vision, ensure cohesive team dynamics, and foster the skills necessary for the team to excel in professional competitions.

Training and Development

In the realm of professional volleyball, the Atlanta Vibe’s approach to preparing their athletes is intensive. They emphasize structured Training Camps and continuous Player Development to ensure peak team performance.

Training Camp

The Atlanta Vibe’s inaugural season kicked off with a competitive training camp beginning on January 3. The team’s training camp was designed to identify and refine the talents of participants, narrowing down 20 athletes to fill the 14 highly coveted roster spots.

Under the guidance of Head Coach Todd Dagenais, the camp not only fostered technical skills but also inculcated a strong team ethos among the players.

Player Development

Post-selection, the Atlanta Vibe takes player development seriously. Their roster, a mix of Olympians, NCAA Champions, and other elite athletes, undergoes a regimen that’s both rigorous and tailored to individual strengths.

The organization is committed to enhancing their players’ performance, with on and off-court activities aimed at improving physical conditioning, strategic understanding, and mental resilience.

Game Day Experience

When attending an Atlanta Vibe game, fans can expect a thrilling atmosphere at the Gas South Arena coupled with a fan experience designed to entertain and engage supporters of all ages.

Home Arena

Gas South Arena, located in Duluth, serves as the home venue for the Atlanta Vibe. With state-of-the-art facilities, it proudly hosts the excitement of professional indoor volleyball.

The arena’s seating and modern acoustics are engineered to create an immersive environment where every serve and spike resonates with intensity.

Fan Experience

The fan experience at an Atlanta Vibe game is central to the Professional Volleyball Federation’s mission to attract and excite a growing fan base.

Spectators are treated to more than just a match; they can anticipate interactive games, meet-and-greets with players, and live performances that make game day an unforgettable event.

Merchandise stalls and food vendors scattered throughout the Gas South Arena provide a variety of options, ensuring that every aspect of the game day is catered to delivering a memorable experience.

Community and Outreach

The Atlanta Vibe prides itself on not only being an exemplary professional volleyball team but also on fostering strong community ties and promoting active membership engagement within Atlanta.

Local Support

The Atlanta Vibe, Atlanta’s own professional women’s volleyball team, has garnered substantial local support since its inception. The team’s efforts to integrate with the city’s diverse cultural landscape align with Atlanta’s reputation for vibrant sports enthusiasm.

They’ve achieved this by regularly participating in community events, as well as establishing youth volleyball clinics that aim to inspire the next generation of athletes.

Membership and Engagement

Membership and Engagement are key components of the Atlanta Vibe’s strategy to build a solid and dedicated fan base.

Members enjoy exclusive benefits such as meet-and-greet sessions with players, discounts on merchandise, and priority ticket access.

The Atlanta Vibe facilitates a robust membership program that encourages fans to become active participants in the team’s journey, reinforcing the connection between the team and its supporters.

Player Profiles and Statistics

Atlanta Vibe’s roster showcases a dynamic spread of talent with players excelling in key positions including Libero, Setter, Outside Hitter, and Middle Blocker. This section provides a detailed look at the standout athletes and the statistical achievements that highlight their performance on the court.

Team Leaders


  • Defensive Powerhouse: The libero provides unmatched defensive stability. They expertly handle opponent serves and spikes to allow the Vibe to construct effective counter-attacks.


  • Strategic Playmaker: The setter orchestrates the team’s offense with precision. They exhibit a skillful distribution of passes that enable powerful and strategic plays.

Outside Hitter:

  • Versatile Attacker: Essential to the team’s front-row attack, the outside hitter showcases versatility. They adeptly score from various angles and assist in blocks.

Middle Blocker:

  • Defensive Anchor: As the team’s defensive anchor, the middle blocker dominates the net with formidable blocks. They disrupt the rhythm of opposing hitters and protect their side of the court.

Statistical Overview

PositionPlayer NameMatches PlayedKillsAcesBlocksDigs
LiberoPlayer A14256
SetterPlayer B145361248
Outside HitterPlayer C14202121075
Middle BlockerPlayer D1416004422
  • Bold statistics signify team-leading figures.
  • The Atlanta Vibe’s members have developed a firm command over their respective roles, with data underscoring their contributions and impact during the season.

Social Media and Fan Interaction

The Atlanta Vibe’s roster has a significant presence on social media, offering multiple avenues for fans to interact and stay informed about their favorite players and team activities.

Online Presence

The Atlanta Vibe maintains an active online presence across various social media platforms. On Facebook, enthusiasts and followers can find updates, behind-the-scenes content, and more.

This multi-platform strategy ensures that the team reaches a wide audience, catering to preferences whether fans are scrolling through Instagram for the latest photos or browsing Twitter for real-time updates during games.

  • Facebook: The team’s page showcases upcoming events, game highlights, and promotes community interaction.
  • Instagram and Twitter: Provide fans with engaging visuals, scores, and team news.

Fan Engagement

Fan engagement is central to the Atlanta Vibe’s relationship with its supporters. They use social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter to create interactive content that fosters a connection between the team and its fans.

  • Q&A Sessions: The team hosts Q&A sessions on various platforms, inviting fans to ask questions directly to players and coaches.
  • Hashtags: On Twitter, hashtags like #FeelTheVibe allow fans to easily follow conversations and show their support.
  • TikTok Challenges: The Atlanta Vibe often participates in TikTok trends, encouraging fans to engage in challenges and share their own videos.

The Atlanta Vibe’s social media strategy reflects their commitment to maintaining an open line of communication with their fanbase, creating a dynamic and supportive volleyball community.

Team Achievements and Records

The Atlanta Vibe showcases a roster that has quickly made an impact in the professional volleyball scene, with notable accomplishments and recognition in the Pro Volleyball Federation.


  • Inaugural Match Victory: The team marked their entry into the league with a win over the Supernovas in Omaha, setting the tone for their first season.
  • First Season Performance: Atlanta Vibe successfully launched their first season in 2024, with performances that have established them as a competitive force.

Awards and Recognitions

  • Olympians on the Team: The roster includes athletes like Edwin Moses and Sinjin Smith, who bring Olympic experience and a level of professionalism that is reflected in the team’s performance.
  • AVCA Involvement: Members of the Atlanta Vibe have been recognized by the American Volleyball Coaches Association (AVCA), highlighting their excellence in the sport.
  • Star Performances: Individual players on the team have received various accolades for their standout performances during the season.

Economic Impact and Valuation

The Atlanta Vibe’s roster has a significant impact on the local economy through sponsorships and player wages. Details about the team’s valuation and economic contributions highlight the importance of professional sports teams in urban financial ecosystems.


The Atlanta Vibe leverages a range of sponsorship deals that inject capital into the team and the local economy. Sponsorships vary in scale and scope, with local businesses often seeking visibility through team affiliations. Sponsorship revenues contribute to the Vibe’s overall valuation, with key partnerships often publicized on the team’s official website.

  • Primary Sponsors: Major corporations that secure naming rights to the stadium or jerseys.
  • Secondary Sponsors: Local businesses that sponsor individual games or specific aspects of the fan experience.

Player Wage Structure

The players on the Atlanta Vibe roster are compensated through a structured wage system. As part of the Pro Volleyball Federation, the wages are competitive and aim to retain top talent. The pay structure considers individual performance and experience, adhering to the Federation’s regulations.

  • Base Salary: The fundamental component of a player’s wage, competitive within the league to attract talent.
  • Performance Bonuses: Additional compensation linked to individual and team performance metrics.

Athletes Unlimited, another prominent entity in professional volleyball, has pioneered innovative models for player compensation. Their model can impact player wage dynamics, potentially being considered in future contract negotiations or league-wide salary caps.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section provides clear and concise answers to frequently asked questions about the Atlanta Vibe professional volleyball team.

Who is the current head coach of the Atlanta Vibe?

The head coach details can be found on the team’s official roster.

What are the salaries for the players on the Atlanta Vibe?

Player salaries for the Atlanta Vibe are not publicly disclosed, adhering to the league’s policy on player compensation privacy.

Who has ownership of the Atlanta Vibe team?

The ownership of the Atlanta Vibe can be viewed on their official Pro Volleyball Federation page.

What is the full schedule for the Atlanta Vibe’s upcoming season?

The Atlanta Vibe’s full schedule for the upcoming season is available through the Pro Volleyball Federation schedule page.

How can I purchase tickets to see the Atlanta Vibe play?

Tickets for the Atlanta Vibe games can be purchased through the team’s official ticketing page.

Where do the Atlanta Vibe home games take place?

The Atlanta Vibe plays their home games at Gas South Arena, located in nearby Duluth, Georgia.

Details about the venue can be found on their Wikipedia page.